Wechat UWP is different from Windows

2022-05-29 0 By

The web version of wechat does not need to install software and can be directly logged in. The Windows version of wechat requires the installation of computer version software to log in.The login interface of wechat web version requires a SCAN of the QR code, and the login of wechat Windows version requires only a mobile phone confirmation to log in.What is UWP? Uwp is short for Universal Windows Platform in Windows 10.Uwp is a Windows Universal application platform, running on Windows 10 Mobile/Surface(Windows Tablet)/PC/Xbox/HoloLens and other platforms. Uwp is different from exe applications on traditional PC, and is essentially different from apps only applicable to Mobile phones.It’s not designed for a single terminal, but runs on all windows10 devices.What is Windows?Microsoft Windows is a set of operating system developed by Microsoft corporation in the United States. It came out in 1985. At first, it was just a Microsoft-DOS simulation environment.Three, there are differences such as: wechat web version can not display mobile phone wechat client chat records show contacts, and wechat Windows version can display chat records with contacts, can record chat information and backup, wechat web version can not do this point.