The education complex of an education secretary

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“Planning is for the long term and cannot be generalized.Can’t talk about the matter!””We draw up the plan, is to improve the education reform and development of the county, set the direction and find characteristics!”Recently, the education Bureau of Shiqian County, Tongren city, Guizhou Province, has been revising the “14th Five-year Plan” for Education in Shiqian County.County education bureau director You Debang has been to Shiqian Middle school, Longjing Township junior high school and other schools in-depth understanding of the school situation, listen to the work of teachers and suggestions.At the same time, he also went to Tongren Education Bureau and Guizhou Department of Education and other departments to actively report the development of education in the county, and strive for the care and support of higher authorities in many aspects.”We will not only look for the commonness of Shiqian education, but also for the individuality of Shiqian education. Only with both commonness and individuality can Shiqian education be truly understood!”…”The development idea of Shiqian education during the ’14th Five-year plan’ is the ‘235’ path!After full discussion, during the period of “difference”, Shi Qian education in urban areas, the villages and towns “two areas” synergy to promote high quality balanced, kindergarten village, compulsory education and centralization, high school education county focus on the “three concentration” to optimize education resources, improve the teachers and students learning and living environment, strengthen students’ ability of cooperation and competition on study three purposes,Through the implementation of preschool education universal benefits, compulsory education quality balance, high school education characteristics demonstration lead, vocational education capacity expansion and quality improvement, rural revitalization class more experience and talent “five improvement” project, promote the high-quality development of education in the county.At this point, not only the county’s “14th five-year plan” during the top-level design is well planned, but also the main tone of 2022 county education work has been set.You Debang also said that the future will also invite experts, scholars guidance, and strive to make Shiqian education step by step, high quality development.(China Education News – China Education News network reporter Jing Yingzhong