Lingyun county took multiple measures to ensure supply and stabilize prices during epidemic prevention and control

2022-05-29 0 By

In recent days, in order to implement the requirements of the Autonomous Region and Baise city to ensure adequate supply and stable prices of grain, oil, meat, vegetables, fruits and other important commodities for people’s livelihood during the prevention and control of COVID-19, Lingyun County has strengthened the linkage between departments and taken multiple measures to ensure market supply and stable prices.Market monitoring and analysis have been improved, and price monitoring personnel have always adhered to the system of monitoring and reporting price trends on a daily basis.County change bureau led to arrange related personnel coordination market regulator, the procuratorate departments and so on, into the county supermarkets, farmers market, pharmacy, necessaries of life of any resident monitoring inspections and drug price, at the same time make the price control propaganda work, to further strengthen the monitoring and control market price of necessaries of life, to ensure that the county residents daily necessities supply is adequate, stable prices.We will strengthen special market inspections, actively guide business operators to raise their awareness of serving the people, strictly prohibit hoarding for personal gain or driving up grain prices, and maximize market supply to ensure adequate, high-quality and stable grain and oil prices on the market.We will strengthen monitoring and early warning of public opinion, establish a mechanism for quick response to public opinion, track and monitor possible abnormal price fluctuations reported, respond to public concerns in a timely manner, clarify false information, deal with negative public opinion, stabilize expectations and increase confidence.Strengthen information dissemination.Market price information will be released to the public in a timely manner through relevant media to guide residents to consume rationally.Up to now, through monitoring and inspection, grain and oil, eggs, aquatic products prices are generally stable;Pork, beef, chicken and fruit prices remain the same as before the 2022 Spring Festival;Vegetable prices rose overall, but by about 32 percent.In general, the county residents have rich varieties of daily necessities, sufficient reserves are guaranteed, supply and demand are basically balanced, no hoarding and price gouging behavior, no monitoring of eight categories of food out of stock, the market price is basically stable.Source: Lingyun County Development and Reform Bureau