Good look good play delicious Bazhong En Yang New Year flavor thick

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Red lanterns, landscape sketches, gorgeous lights, walking in the streets of Bazhong Enyang, everywhere can feel the coming festive atmosphere.During the Spring Festival, Enyang District held the “Year in Enyang” activity, highlighting the traditional meaning of the Lunar New Year and the spirit of The Times, enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the masses, boosting the rapid development of the first cultural tourism and health care industry in Enyang.From Sichuan Opera to “Boat Story” audio-visual feast non-stop colorful masks, elegant singing, in Enyang ancient town Wanshou Palace, the opera “Wine Guest” makes the audience all eyes, comedy “Please doctor” makes people laugh, during the Spring Festival, Enyang Wanshou Palace folk Plaza Sichuan opera every day.Sitting on a wooden bench, making a bowl of tea, sitting for a whole afternoon, watching opera and listening to music, the ancient and charming Tradition of Enyang attracts a crowd of tourists.”We have organized the activity of ‘Bringing Culture into Thousands of People and Celebrating The Spring Festival with Intangible Cultural Heritage’. Classic Sichuan opera will be performed every afternoon from the first to the sixth day of junior High school to create a festive atmosphere and let more tourists know about this intangible cultural heritage.””Said Wen Bin, director of the Enyang District Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center.After watching Sichuan opera, a roadside walk while watching, came to the head of the Feng Bridge, they arrived at the “En Yang boat said” viewing site.As the night falls, the five lanterns on the Feng Bridge are bright, gongs and drums, palace lanterns and bridal sedan chairs are slowly presented, “En Yang boat said” the first act of the marriage made in heaven is ready to go.”In order to show better performance effect, we in the ‘three increases two raises raised before performing quality”, said Mr Yang ship Zhou Weichun is introduced, the general manager of our company, “said Mr Yang ship” increased the flash dance, the moon set, the red culture elements, improves the stage design and equipment quality, setting more thrilling clever when visitors took a tour by boat.In the dragon boat park, accompanied by intensive drumming, the river on the two dragon boats such as the arrow from the string, quickly out.One man on the boat beat the drum, one man at the helm, the oarsmen sitting on both sides, following the sonorous and powerful beat of the OARS, the scene is very spectacular.”In the past, watching dragon boat races has always been on TV. Today, watching them on the spot is more exciting and I feel very comfortable.”Grandstand, from the north to go home for the New Year’s Day Wu Ming blunt scene watch very enjoyable.At Dengke Mountain Park, tourists visit the garden and look at the lights. They take climbing in the New Year as the starting point to win a good fortune for the New Year.”It is the New Year holiday, come to Dengke Mountain, hope to be able to hike in the mountains, climb the way to welcome the new.”Wang Teng, who came home from other places to work, said while taking photos.It is reported that Dengke Park also performed “Jinbang title” melodrama, held “Mi Cang Ancient Road” theme painting and calligraphy exhibition, many tourists with their children to watch the performance, appreciate literary works, buy cultural and creative products, feel the spirit of chongwen still learning.Characteristic food gathered in the city fireworks gas flavor is inseparable from fireworks gas, fireworks gas and food accompanied.During the Spring Festival, Enyang Micang old taste Food Workshop, Enyang ancient Town · Shaanxi Yuanjiacun Project snack Street focuses on catering consumption, attracting brand food and launching a series of activities to highlight the “best to eat” feature.It is understood that the rice old taste blocks “hit a big collection” the introduction of more than 20 domestic famous snacks to carry out promotional activities, introduce double wins belly bag chicken, guanyin well control, Yin beef, hui fengyuan fish, seven fish head, develop li ji ding xiang casserole, so, lift foot beef and other delicious food, every day set 100 lantern riddle, create a strong atmosphere of Spring Festival,Online celebrity swing, trampoline, balloon shooting, children’s roller coaster and other children’s amusement activities.In enyang ancient town, “ancient town characteristic snacks tasting” activity is popular, launched biang Biang noodles, soy sauce pork buns, cold zhanzhan, Yihaozi dumplings and other “rice store culture” characteristic snacks, let tourists feast.”I didn’t expect to be able to eat my hometown food in Eunyang. It’s delicious.”Ms. Liu, who stayed in Enyang for the New Year, was from Shaanxi province and was pleasantly surprised to have a taste of home in Enyang.”Year in Enyang” continues to take advantage of the hot culture tourism and health industry to make further progress. “When you come to Enyang, you can enjoy colorful tourism projects from morning to night, and all kinds of facilities and services are available. It is worthwhile to travel here.””Said Li Shan, a tourist from Nanchong.Since the beginning of the “Year in Enyang” activity, the traditional “Year in” cultural tourism IP of Micang Ancient Road has attracted the attention of the majority of tourists. Since the New Year’s Eve, the popularity of the ancient town scenic spot and A-level scenic spot has continued to rise, and the comprehensive tourism income has doubled. On the second day of the New Year, the one-day tourists in Enyang District have exceeded 150,000.Impressive results do not happen overnight.Grace Yang wen brigade kang area closely to raise the first industry, finely crafted, highlight the “one thousand meters warehouse, sooner or later elements” local characteristics, and comprehensively promote city scenic area, the tourism brand, “boon Yang said ship” landing “grace Yang town, shaanxi YuanJia Village” brigade project, construction character of Mr Yang dragon boat park, receive government degrees park, old rice taste food,At the same time, improve the fast forward, smooth inside, slow travel travel transportation system, build panorama, full industry, full time, full journey tourism development pattern, and actively strive to create a national tourism resort.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: