Share the secret of 10W monthly income, easily realize wealth freedom

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At the end of last year I made $20 million in sales in two months from a project that didn’t make any money. Here’s how I did it.First of all, this project should meet three conditions:Company has cooperation with employee system, the community, the complete business combination plan, to meet the three points into action (you can also like me 10 w + where the project is the premise of the company, the staff has its own workers, like my side or master with five or six workers, wages are distributed in the form of basic salary + commission, has a fixed base salary each month,Then according to the size of the workload to give commissions, such as cleaning a range hood to 20 to 30 commission, cleaning a drum washing machine to 50 to 60 commission and so on, the specific sharing can be discussed with the master, every month regular skills training for employees, the benefits of employee system is easy to unified management,With the employee system, our next work can go on smoothly.We all know that every year the feast on the street or village downstairs, there will be some “stragglers” homemaking company take business with us, and is often because they don’t have much cost price is lower than the company on a lot of, want to compete with them will have to find another way out, we can play a wave of advertising, in the community in cooperation with this project as an example, the lampblack machineFifty percent complete clean lampblack machine, that is to say 150 to complete cleaning before lampblack machine just seven to eighty now, and then clean lampblack machine to send a $30 barrels of vats of laundry detergent (can replace other articles for daily use), so down lampblack machine in the customer of 50 yuan, this scheme can attract a large number of customers,So one might ask is this going to cost you money?Is not we can work it out, with 80 yuan price, give workers cut 20 yuan, 30 yuan worth of laundry detergent, we go to the wholesale hair cost in 10 yuan, plus the fares and the consumption of some reagents in fact is not losing money, but also limited to break even, this project do not make money, so what we got from this project?We got a lot of customer resources, with these we will again after customer resources we are those other profitable and unprofitable projects to make plans, pushed to the customer, such as the platen washing machine + clean lampblack machine 350 yuan a meal, before 450 are not necessarily can wash now 350 can wash, also send a value of 30 laundry detergent,Such a plan can harvest a large number of orders in a short time and thus increase our sales.Of course, I just provide an idea. The specific operation scheme can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the company and the local consumption level.Ok, today share here, any questions welcome to the comment section, bye!