Pay resident endowment insurance and worker endowment insurance, can you get double annuities in the future?

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Oneself already pay urban and rural dweller endowment insurance, also pay town worker endowment insurance, can you get double annuities in the future?First of all, we can be very clear that this is not going to work.This is not worth the cost, because you will only get one pension.And this endowment insurance that pays much is tantamount to repeat pay fee, do not have any practical significance to oneself, say we also do not have to do so so.Want to obtain a copy of the supplementary pension treatment, is not to say that you have participated in the urban and rural residents endowment insurance, and participated in the town worker endowment insurance, the worker endowment insurance and the inhabitants of our endowment insurance is belong to the first, pillar of endowment insurance, we can only participate in one of them, try to choose town worker endowment insurance,Because such pension is relatively high.So if we want to get a higher retirement pension income, in fact, we should choose to participate in the second system, endowment insurance and the third pillar endowment insurance.That is, today’s occupational annuity or enterprise annuity, he is called the second pillar endowment insurance, of course, such a way, must be through their own work unit to join the insurance, the individual is unable to join the insurance.The third pillar endowment insurance, is what we say the individual commercial endowment insurance, may want to launch the individual account endowment insurance in the future, so it can also be called the third pillar endowment insurance, this kind of endowment insurance we can go to participate in insurance, it is completely using the principle of voluntary to participate in insurance.So say we want to be in such a way, will realize oneself higher retirement comprehensive income, not to say you went to participate in urban and rural resident endowment insurance business, participated in worker endowment insurance is ok, such way is not good.If we already have employee pension accounts and resident pension accounts, then what we need to do now is stop paying for resident pension.Next onefold go insurance of pay town worker, ok, of course of this resident endowment insurance pay cost is ok return come out.As long as you participate in worker endowment insurance, so a lot of areas can be withdrawn now, and resident endowment insurance can be withdrawn in full, because after all will enter your individual account, there is no problem of any overall planning account, so it is to be withdrawn in full.But if you choose to participate in urban and rural residents out of worker endowment insurance of endowment insurance, so in the process of exit of worker endowment insurance, he just launched individual account part, it is not able to exit the accounts section as a whole, the 1/3 of the total amount we pay cost can quit, can’t quit, so there is a loss for yourself.So very apparent, reserve worker endowment insurance to oneself more reasonable, and the treatment that obtain worker annuities henceforth, also want far prep above the treatment of resident annuities.On the foundation that we are attending worker endowment insurance, go choosing to attend commercial sex compensatory endowment insurance again, perhaps saying is the individual account endowment insurance henceforth, it is to do not have any problem completely, such words connote the emeritus comprehensive income of annuities that increases you henceforth.Thank you for reading and talking about retirement knowledge every day. I focus on social security and retirement. If you like my article, you can add my attention.# how many people’s pension is their own full contribution ## How do you think the salary after retirement, will be more reasonable ## Do you think it is good to implement flexible retirement policy #