How is paperpass paper testing? Is it reliable?

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How about the Paperpass essay test?PaperPass paper detection is a re-checking software that has emerged in recent years. Many friends who need to re-check papers are asking how PaperPass paper detection works.Is it safe to check again?How reliable and accurate are the results of duplicate inspection?I. How about paperpass paper test?Established in 2007, paperpass is the world’s first similarity comparison system for Chinese literature, which is called “the most rigorous detection system”. Then, the advantages of this detection system are analyzed in detail as follows: (1) High cost performance, charging only 1.8 yuan / 1000 characters.(2) The detection range is wide, supporting the detection of professional papers, master’s and doctor’s degree theses and professional title papers.(3) Applicable to a wide range of people, college students, professional title assessment can be used.(4) The detection results are strict, and the accuracy rate is more than 95%.Disadvantages of Paperpass paper detection (1) It is not the duplicate checking system designated by most universities and magazines, so it is only applicable to the preliminary and mid-draft detection.(2) There are few English and foreign language resources, such as professional title papers, only Chinese.(3) The catalogue and references cannot be scientifically identified, leading to the inflated results of duplicate checking.How about the Paperpass essay test?In terms of its own system, it is very good, covers most of the journals, dissertations, data, Internet data, such as reference of similar content in most cases can be detected, early proofreading for reference price is higher, with the advantages of cheap, worth a test, but as a result of more than 95% of the colleges and universities and is used by the journal hownet, recheckingAs a result, the system is only suitable for preliminary and intermediate draft detection.Ii. Comparative Analysis of PaperPass Paper Test and CNKI Test CNKI is known as “the most authoritative test system”, while Paperpass is known as “the most rigorous test system”. Therefore, many friends want to see the comparison between Paperpass and CNKI to know which one is better.This comparison can again confirm the answer to the question “How about paperpass paper testing?” : (1) CnKI has the largest resource database, including Online publication of Chinese academic journals and Full-text database of Chinese doctoral dissertations, etc.The PaperPass database consists of just over 90 million academic journals and papers, as well as a large web database.(2) Language comparison Both support the detection of Chinese and English papers, but Paperpass has relatively few English resources.(3) Compared with the accuracy and authority, the detection accuracy of CNKI is more than 97%, which is the maintenance system designated by most universities and magazines;The detection accuracy of PaperPass is about 95%, lower than that of CNKI, and it is only a third-party detection system.(4) The comparison of recognition ability The CNKI can automatically recognize titles and chapters according to the catalog system, and these will not be counted as repeated similarity;PaperPass, on the other hand, cannot scientifically identify catalogues and references and is very clumsy in terms of automatic recognition ability. Therefore, although the duplicate check result of PaperPass looks more strict, there are some inflated elements in it.PaperPass paper test whether the size of the database, automatic recognition ability, and are poor in hownet paper testing, the so-called “the most rigorous test system,” said, also have inflated components inside, of course, if you specify the unit or school system for PaperPass, that the system is very good, all the requirement shall prevail.(1) How to use PaperPass to test papers?Log in to PaperPass website, register and apply for a user name and password, and recharge according to the word count of the paper to be tested after successful registration and login.After successful recharge, you can submit the detection paper according to the operation prompts.(2) The maximum number of words can be submitted at a time?The maximum number of words in a single paper can be 100,000. If your paper is larger than 100,000 words, please divide your paper into several parts and submit it for testing.(3) How long can I get the test report after submitting the paper?Typically, the whole process takes five to 10 minutes.If it is at the peak of paper detection, it may take longer.(4) Can I pass the test of the school and other systems after passing PaperPass test?The test system of the school shall prevail. If the school uses this system, the pass rate will be very high; if the testing system such as CNKI is used, the results will be different, and PaperPass test results can only be used as a reference for the modification of a paper.How about the Paperpass essay test?In fact, in terms of itself, it is worth testing, but it is still recommended that you use this system in the first and middle drafts, and choose CNKI, VIP and Wanfang for the final draft.PaperPass rechecking detection: d census heavy testing: ten thousand square check: turnitin paper detection: earlier drop weight test