Beijing Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony costume makeup styling director, jinan is our people!

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The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics stunned the world.The whole opening ceremony, 14 costumes are impressive.Tiger-head hat, red to blue flag-bearer costume, virtual and realistic ink painting cheongsam dress…These are from Chen Minzheng’s team.As a “Jinan child” born and raised in Jinan, Chen Minzheng has participated in the styling design for two Consecutive Olympic Games.Born and bred in Ji ‘nan, Chen Min is a real ji ‘nan child.From 1970 to 1974, Chen Min was a dancer in a theater company in Jinan. In 1974, due to health reasons, he quit the stage, until 1976, Chen Minzheng officially began to learn makeup.”When I was an actor, the teachers were too busy, so I made up for myself. Later, the teacher said I was good at makeup and asked me to help other students do makeup. As time passed, I changed my major to makeup.”Chen minzheng said.Later, Chen minzheng was admitted to the Stage film makeup major of the Central Academy of Drama and worked in Bayi Film Studio under the tutelage of Li Zunxun. It was not until he returned to Shandong in 1982 and began to shoot water Margin series that he formally stepped into the film and TELEVISION costume modeling industry and began to embark on the road of film character modeling.In recent years, the modelling of his main works include “shadow”, zhang li, director of zhang yimou’s “revolution”, wang’s “snow flower”, dongyu fu director of Tibet’s sky, as well as TV series “harem · Zhen Huan biography”, “Mi month pass”, “braving the journey”, “the sea”, “Qingdao past events”, opera “turandot”, “long march”, etc.In the TV circle, Chen Minzheng’s name has long been well known, he has participated in the design and production of hundreds of movies, TV plays and drama, and almost won all the awards in the TV industry about the design and design.In 1990, he won the fifth Starlight Award for Makeup for the TV art film “See Brother”.Chen minzheng, the stylist of the Legend of Miyue, won the 2016 China Film and Television Makeup Award for the drama and the best Costume Design Award at the 13th Asian Film Awards in 2019 for the film Shadow.At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Chen Minzheng served as the chief styling designer. “After the 2008 Summer Olympics, people jokingly called me ‘Chen Olympic Games’.Now people call me Chen Dongao.”Chen Minzheng said that he was very happy to hear the change of his title, which showed that everyone recognized and affirmed himself and his team.Chen minzheng said that in the 2008 Olympics, the clothing was about 5,000 years of cultural history, while the Winter Olympics is about the present and the future.”So in terms of clothing design, there is a sense of fashion, Chinese style, and a sense of the future. At the same time, we paid attention to the perfect combination of snowflakes and Chinese ink painting. Later, our design is spring, because February 4 is the start of spring, so we want to emphasize a spring.”Chen minzheng said.Chen Minzheng told reporters that the Olympic Games is a grand event to show China’s style to the world, in the face of the Winter Olympics, and the summer Olympics in the same mood.”It is my mood and the mood of my team to contribute to the country without conditions or requirements.”Chen minzheng said.It is not easy to perfect the design of the Winter Olympics costumes. To design the 14 costumes for the opening ceremony, the team spent more than two years and created nearly 5,000 designs, which were finalized just before the opening ceremony.At the opening ceremony, the guide who led the admission of all countries entered the venue wearing a tiger hat and a gown of Chinese flag and gown. The white and blue color matched with the purity of snow and ice. The snowflake pattern was woven by traditional Chinese knot art, and the skirt was a Chinese landscape painting, stunning the world.”The whole style and style of the dress all belong to the fashion style, the dress is flat shoulder skirt, dress, but in the details of some Chinese design, we call it the Chinese style, with Chinese style style completed this dress.”Chen minzheng said.Chen Minzheng introduces, this suit is very brilliant in the scene, every detail is very careful, in the design of the back and forth to change more than a dozen versions, the craft is elaborately carved, the use of a variety of traditional craft, such as embroidery and decal in the skirt design to achieve landscape gradient.At the opening ceremony, the tiger hat on the head of the guide is also of great origin. In order to highlight the Chinese taste in the costume and reflect the characteristics of the Year of the Tiger, Chen Minzheng has led the team to collect more than 100 kinds of tiger elements from all provinces of the country, and designed a total of 14 tiger hats.”I would like to express my special thanks to the paper-cut artists from Yu County, Hebei province. It is said that they are collecting materials for the Winter Olympics. They are all very enthusiastic and show their unique skills without reserve.Chen minzheng said.In the final stage of the opening ceremony, six flag-bearers entered the venue carrying the Olympic flag. Their blue and white down jackets combined Beijing elements such as the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall, as well as winter Olympics venues such as “Snow as One wishes” and “snow flying”, matching the atmosphere.The flag-bearer costumes were originally designed in red, but were changed to blue and white to match the ice and snow theme of the opening ceremony.The dress of blue, white is very exquisite.After repeated adjustments, meetings and discussions, the guide wore a cheongsam style dress. It was only after entering the Bird’s Nest that the new problem was found. The original white dress would turn yellow and dark under the blue light of the Bird’s Nest, so the design team changed it to pure white overnight.The blue in the down jacket of the flag bearer is also lightened in the later period, and the color is just right after lighting.”The costumes not only became a highlight of the opening ceremony, but also showed the full spirit of Chinese people in the new era through the stage.”Chen minzheng said.(Spring City of Heaven)