James Hei praised His move to the Nets: he became lebron’s scapegoat last season

2022-05-27 0 By

Recently, the NBA happened a major trade, the Nets gave up Harden and veteran Paul Millsap, from the sixers to acquire simmons, Seth Curry, chong God and other players, the trade has caused a lot of media and fans.Skip James, a famous NBA player, was really optimistic about the Nets when talking about this trade in the program, especially when talking about Zhuang joining the Nets. Skip said, “Since stepping out of the shadow of James, Zhuang has been doing his best for the 76ers. He played 18 minutes per game, averaged 6 points, 9 rebounds and 2 assists per game, and dominated the basket as soon as he came on the court.The nets’ biggest weakness is that they don’t have that inside guy, and now they suddenly have a guy who can not only defend but also get offensive rebounds on the offensive end.”For god to join the nets, each big media also vary, there are a lot of media like the Skip, for god to join the nets very bullish on the prospect of zhuang, nobody said there are also many, the projection capabilities of god has been short, came to the nets, not for the nets perimeter players open Spaces, can only be a redundant rebounding machine on the bench.But anyway, at least after zhuang God joined the nets, the strength of the nets inside is really improved, at least than Clarkston to use a lot.Skip, while praising Zhuang for joining the Nets, didn’t forget the essential job — to disgust Lebron.”Your so-called GOAT will always need a scapegoat,” Skip said.I think Trang Was a scapegoat for James last year.All of a sudden he’s playing so well without James.He’s averaging 9 rebounds per game. If you translate his minutes to 36 minutes per game, he’s averaging 17 rebounds.It’s perfect for the nets. Game over.”Have to admire the Skip calculation ability, have to know in nearly 30 years in NBA history, only the rebounding monster rodman had averaged 17 more rebounds, and throughout the history of the NBA player, can be in a single season averaged more than 17 rebounds players also can’t more than 5 people, which also includes the ancient god beast chamberlain and bill Russell,Not even Kareem abdul-Jabbar in his prime could do that, and while he does have a very good rebounding ability, Skip’s calculation overestimates him.