Hire 1751 people!Provincial public institutions concentrated open recruitment, zhanjiang positions are here!

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Click on the blue words attention we according to the business unit personnel management ordinance (state council order no. 652), the measures for the institution open recruitment personnel of guangdong province (province no. 139) were the people, provincial party committee organization department, provincial human resources social security hall decided to focus in 2022 the institution open recruitment of college graduates to work inThe job Posting was made public on March 14.The open recruitment targets are graduates of ordinary universities and vocational colleges (including technical colleges).This year’s graduates (non-on-the-job) from domestic colleges and vocational colleges (including technical colleges) must obtain relevant graduation certificates, degree certificates and other certification materials required by the position before September 30, 2022.(2) Graduates of Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools in 2022 (non-on-the-job) shall obtain relevant graduation certificates, degree certificates and other certification materials required by the position before December 31, 2022.(3) Other applicants shall obtain relevant graduation certificate, degree certificate and other certification materials required by the position before the interview qualification examination.Zhanjiang posted a total of 1,026 positions for the exam, and plans to recruit 1,751 people.Sign up item delimits key!!Several time nodes to pay attention to!!Down ↓ ↓ ↓ Application procedure (1) Online registration is applied for this recruitment.Candidates please on 9 March 28, 2022 to March 30 16:00 login “institution open recruitment information management system of guangdong province (candidates)” (https://ggfw.gdhrss.gov.cn/sydwbk) for registration.Please refer to the Examinee registration Guide in the system for details.Candidates are required to log in the registration system to confirm whether they will take the written test from 9:00 am on April 6, 2022 to 16:00 PM on April 7, 2022.Candidates who do not confirm the registration by the specified time will not be successful.Candidates who have successfully registered for admission should log in to the “Recruitment Information Management System for Public Institutions of Guangdong Province (Examinee Registration)” from 9:00 a.m. on April 20, 2022, and download and print the admission ticket by themselves.Admission ticket is an important certificate to participate in this open recruitment, please keep it properly.This open recruitment examination will be conducted by “written examination + interview”.Written test mainly evaluates basic ability.The written test is scheduled on April 23, 2022. Please refer to the admission ticket for the specific time and venue.The interview shall be organized by the employer or its competent department according to the needs of the position by means of structured interview, trial lecture, business assessment and skill test.Specific interview arrangements will be separately notified by the employer or its competent department.Register guide knock blackboard!!Which personnel can register for examinee category “fresh graduate” position?Who are the project staff at the grassroots level?Can graduates of other forms of national education with non-ordinary higher education record enter for an examination?Each examinee you want to know the registration rules are here oh!Candidates must read the recruitment notice and registration guide carefully before registration!The recruitment will be carried out under the normal situation of COVID-19 prevention and control. The requirements for epidemic prevention and control of written exams will be published in the recruitment Information Management System of Public Institutions in Guangdong Province (Examinee Registration).The requirements for qualification examination, interview and other epidemic prevention and control will be released by the employer or its competent department through the portal (wechat official account), or through email, SMS or other means.The comprehensive personnel management departments of public institutions at all levels, the recruitment units or their competent departments will make appropriate adjustments to the relevant work arrangements comprehensively considering various factors and release relevant information, which should be paid attention to, strictly implemented and supported by applicants in time.(I) The recruitment is conducted with good faith and qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment.Applicants should carefully read the announcement, job requirements and application guide, and be responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and validity of all information and materials provided.Those who fill in false information or provide false materials will be disqualified for examination or employment once found.Those who maliciously interfere with registration will be dealt with according to relevant regulations.If a crime is suspected, it shall be transferred to a judicial organ for handling.(2) The personnel employed by township public institutions in Shantou, Shaoguan, Heyuan, Meizhou, Huizhou, Shanwei, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Zhanjiang, Maoming, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, Chaozhou, Jieyang, yunfu and other cities should work for the employer for no less than 5 years.During the period, can register for the civil servant, and according to the relevant provisions in the county (city, district) township institutions between exchanges.(III) This recruitment will not specify examination materials, nor will it hold or entrust any institution to hold examination coaching training.(IV) If there are any suspected violations of discipline and regulations in this recruitment, the responsibilities will be investigated in strict accordance with the Regulations on Handling Violations of Discipline and Regulations in Public Recruitment of Public Institutions (Order No. 35 of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security).The above announcement information is ultimately subject to the release of guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security editor: Chen Chengcheng