“Dare to da Decisive Battle” joyfully make yuanxiao massive welfare to send non-stop

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Unknowingly the Lantern Festival is coming, do not know at the moment you have family company.If you are not accompanied by your family, you can log in “Dare to dare” and join many players in the online Lantern Festival.In the spirit of the festival, game manufacturers are offering many benefits to players.Next, let’s take a look at what the Lantern Festival brings to the players.Activity time: February 14 to February 18.Activities mainly include: check-in benefits, active tasks, carnival gift pack, carnival exchange and carnival shop, players who want to get benefits, must not miss it.Time: February 15th to February 28th.During the activity, players can log in the game at designated time every day to participate in the air drop material box activity, I think no one can resist the joy of “air drop hit face”.Activity time: February 14th to February 20th.During the event, players can complete daily tasks to earn dice, roll around on the event page, move to the specified location to unlock the relevant building map, collect the map will receive rich rewards and their own picture box.And you get a diamond for sharing your first guide, which I don’t tell most people.On February 14 to February 16 limited time line, has not had its small partner to seize the time, blunt ah!Presumably partners have already had a general understanding of Seraphim Dare GNHW/3G, next xiaobian on the point “hard dish” – Seraphim Dare GNHW/3G lineup collocation, so that you can play its real power in the game.Line-up: One Seraphim Gantal GNHW/3G, GN Armed Type-d Power Angel, 00 Gantal seven Swords, Quantum ELS, Avalanche Gantal.Since all of the Seraphim 3G skills work around the 00 series, both normal attacks and kills have a chance to clear the shield effect of enemy units, allowing Avalanche to gain more sustained output in the front row.The Seraphim 3G also has weapon damage resistance, no problem with the C-bit aura, which allows this lineup to have more output time.Line-up: 2 Prison Angel Gander (final Battle style), Seraphim Gander GNHW/3G, GN Armed Type-d Power Angel, 00 Gander seven swords, Avalanche Angel Gander.Ptolemy 2 commanders who do not have ELS can try to match the squad. The other three units, except seraphim 3G and Seraphim Vest D, can be obtained from the Body fragment chest, and all the other units will perform well with seraphim 3G.Lineup 3 Seraphim Gantal GNHW/3G, GN Armed Type-d Force Angel, Quantum 00 Full Blade, 00 Seven swords, Avalanche Angel Gantal.This is another lineup that commanders who don’t have ELS can try to match. The 00 series veteran, the Quanta 00 Full Blade, is much easier and faster to develop.That’s all the content of this Lantern Festival activity, more benefits waiting for you to take.Log in “Ganda Decisive Battle”, let’s make the Lantern Festival together, more information can log in “Ganda decisive Battle” official website to check.The screenshots in the article are the version under development, please refer to the actual content in the game.Disclaimer: The copyright belongs to the original, and this article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.