Ganzi, Sichuan: stand firm even if only one passer-by passes by to protect his safety!

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Source: Red Star News February 3rd, the third day of Chinese New Year.A heavy snow makes ganzi land covered with silver makeup, just like the kingdom of ice and snow in the fairy tale.In Luogliangzi, Garze County, Garze Prefecture, Sichuan Province, 3,980 meters above sea level, the mountain is high and curved, and the road is icy, making driving difficult.Luogerliangzi is the snow mountain that the second and fourth red Army crossed together during the long March. It is located in the important access channel of national Highway 317, and the mountain is covered with snow all the year round.The Logoliang Police Station was set up in 2009 to ensure safety and security.Xixiong police station and Luoge Liangzi police station belong to two brands a set of troops, here is also the national road 317 line into Ganzi county’s first police station and police station.In order to ensure the safety of passengers’ travel during the Spring Festival, Luoge Liangzi Police Station of Xia-xiong Police Station of Ganzi County Public Security Bureau of Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province organized the civilian auxiliary police on duty to go to National Highway 317. The police, in conjunction with the traffic police brigade of the County Bureau, took to the road to resist snow and keep smooth, patrolled the winding highway and started the working mode of “24-hour guard”.Spring Festival on duty, ice and snow duty, for two consecutive years in the police station on duty, Liu Peng, the director of xixiong police station, has long been accustomed to.This year’s Spring Festival, Liu Peng’s family took the trouble to ganzi county to accompany him for the Spring Festival, but Liu Peng, who was busy in Luogelangzi, could not get away to enjoy the reunion.Liu Peng said, “I don’t want to go down the mountain and get together with my family for the Spring Festival. It’s false, but people here need me. Even if only one passer-by passes by, we must make sure he passes safely.”On February 3, a tourist called 110 for help and said he was trapped near Luogerliangzi in Ganzi County due to a series of snowfall.Xixiong police station Luoge Liangzi police station police received instructions, immediately rushed to the trapped location to find the tourist.After learning that the vehicle had a single accident, no one was injured, the police took the man to the police station, to provide warm accommodation and rest places, and told the tourists: “You rest at ease, we will immediately contact the traffic police brigade to deal with the vehicle traffic accident.”Nestled against the warm electric stove, the trapped tourists were overwhelmed with gratitude.Did not rest for a moment, the police found that there were people’s cars did not hang the chain, so driving in the snow and ice section, dangerous, the police quickly help the people hang the chain.Then, the driver took out the white Hada from the car and offered it to the auxiliary police, “Thank you police!We all go home for Spring Festival, but you still go to work in the wind and snow.Thank you very much!”▲ Police help the masses to hang the vehicle anti-skid chain.The unique “police color” of helping people through snow like this is just a “common occurrence” of the civilian auxiliary police at the Luoge Liangzi police Station.Due to the special geographical location, the furthest village in the jurisdiction, and the largest village in Ganzi County, Ercuo Village, has to go around the county seat, and the police patrol about 100 kilometers back and forth.Every Spring Festival, the auxiliary police of the local police station guard the winding national Highway 317.Snow 12 years, loyal reflection snow mountain.As the third generation inheritor of Luogelliangzi police station, Liu Peng, 40, and 8 people auxiliary police comrades-in-arms stick to this place all the year round. Taking the road as home and the car as companion, Luogelliangzi police station has become the most trusted safe post station for tourists.”What we lack is oxygen, what we have is loyalty,” reads the motto scrawled on the wall of xiaxung police station.”It’s only 50% oxygen, but our loyalty is 100%!”Liu Pengshui.▲ The police saluted under the wall with the motto “Oxygen is lacking, loyalty is what we have.”Luogerliangzi police station is like a red flag flying high in Kangba Plateau, ceaseless the red blood of Ganzi public security, spreading the melodic love for the people of snow Ganzi 317 National Road auxiliary police…# I am on my post ## Protect the safety of all Families #