China supports Argentina, UK retaliates openly, House of Commons passes resolution, clamoring for “Taiwan independence”

2022-05-26 0 By

According to the news published by the British media, the House of Commons of the British Parliament passed a resolution on February 10, openly advocating the improvement of relations between the UK and Taiwan Island and supporting the Island to gain more international status. Such remarks have encouraged “Taiwan independence” and attempted to create “one China, one Taiwan”.The provocation comes at a delicate time because China and Argentina issued a joint statement on February 6th, in which China supported Argentina’s claim to the Falklands and encouraged Argentina to exercise full sovereignty over the islands through dialogue and negotiation.Alex, after China reiterated its support for Argentina, British Foreign Secretary Tony Truss was the first to lose his seat.Mr Truss publicly lashed out at China on social media and urged China to respect British sovereignty. Mr Truss, a politician with no diplomatic nous, seriously offended Russian sovereignty during his subsequent visit to Russia.Mr Truss spoke out against the presence of Russian troops on his territory and called for the withdrawal of Russian troops, to which The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, asked him if he recognised Russia’s sovereignty over the areas mentioned by Mr Truss. Mr Truss said Britain would never recognise Russia’s sovereignty over those areas.Mr Truss’s answer was also rather embarrassing for the British ambassador to Russia, who had no knowledge of geography.In the face of China’s public support for Argentina’s claim to the Malvinas islands, The UK has begun to retaliate openly. The resolution passed by the House of Commons is one of the retaliatory measures taken by the UK. In addition, British MPS will also visit the Islands, which is similar to the action of the US.America’s congress has passed the “bao” bill, which has made it clear to the island to provide “defense”, encourage the island to participate in international organizations at the same time, it is clear to encourage the rhythm of the “Taiwan independence”, Britain is today “do”, through parliament resolution way to play the “island” brand, this is a provocative. For China’sIn terms of British retaliation, China’s support for Argentina’s claim to The Malvinas is a direct stab at the British lung tube, or strangle the UK by seven inches.For this reason, the UK wants to launch a provocation on the “Taiwan Issue”. In fact, the action of the British Parliament is a severe slap in the face of the British Foreign Secretary.The actions of the British Foreign Secretary and the British Parliament highlight the arrogance and ignorance of British politicians. In 2021, the UK used an aircraft carrier to enter the South China Sea for so-called “freedom of navigation”, which is already an act of challenging China.Game stage in China and the United States, the United States often use the “island” brand to launch aggressive, as America’s strength in the UK also started the jumped up and down, once again exposed the run rampant in the United States and Britain, the British are notoriously “stirring stick”, now also in the Taiwan strait issue, British politicians is overestimated their ability, and also underestimate the power of China.China is not the Qing Dynasty it was 120 years ago, but the world’s second largest economy. China has the ability to look the US in the eye. The UK has no power to challenge China at all.