Charioteer omnipotent gallop world tank 500 shock launch

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On March 18, the highly anticipated Tank 500 was officially launched, with a total of four versions of six models, including business version, Sport version, customized version and Darth Vader, priced between 335,000 yuan and 395,000 yuan.For ordering users, the tank brand also launched a surprise 4 heavy gifts, as well as 6 welfare policies.Don’t let life lost experience, don’t let feelings leave regret as tanks business luxury series first product brand, tanks, 500 positioning for the huge business luxury SUV, through a strong driving force, enjoy the luxury of space, intelligent technology and hardcore off-road capability, create millions of driving experience, satisfaction of the customers for business, home, travel, travel cross-country all scenarios such as high quality requirements,Opened a new category of the market with the tender brand proposition.Tank brand CEO Liu Yanzhao said, “All efforts are to exceed expectations!”The Tank500 will definitely break the ‘import monopoly’ of large-displacement off-road SUVs with its benchmarking hardcore strength and redefine the standard of mid-sized and large-sized business luxury off-road SUVs.”When talking about user experience, Liu Yanzhao emphasized the concept of “more than the car”, he said, “The gentle tank of Iron Han will constantly break through the new height of brand value with core strength and warm feelings.”It also said the tank would “continue to build confidence in the brand culture and become a new symbol of global automotive culture.””When new energy has become popular, Tank-500 insists on increasing the displacement, which is not going against the market, but really understand what users think, so as not to lose the experience of life, not to leave feelings and regrets.Tank500 is based on the current consumption trend to break the situation, to do not only large displacement, but also the luxury and comfortable life experience that users yearn for, to become a luxury SUV in the era of shock.Facing the era full of changes, The Tank 500 responds with strength in the face of the competition from various luxury brands and parallel imported cars, and insists on building core strength and creating luxurious and comfortable experience, which is the reason why the tank is really loved by users.Cui Zhuojia, CMO of Tank brand, said, “Make a plan and then move. Sticking to it does not mean going against the trend, but making a confident decision after understanding the market.There is no doubt that the underlying logic of China’s and the world’s development is being reset, bringing unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the leader players, and the Tank 500 is the vehicle for them. It will always be a trusted partner and pioneer in the face of unpredictable events.”Strong nuclear power, to safeguard the glory of fuel, carrying the Great Wall independent research and development of 3.0T V6 + 9AT powertrain, bringing the scarce power in the electric era of large displacement.After specially adjusted engine sound thick and pure, not only fully meet the user’s feelings of large displacement, strong power fuel car, but also take into account the comfort and fuel economy, the strength matches the surging choice of “big heart” players.A good product should not only have “strength”, but also “wisdom”.The Tank 500 breaks the conventional perception that off-road SUVs are not intelligent, combining smart travel with hardcore off-road.Equipped with L2 intelligent driver assistance system, HWA/NOH high-speed pilot assistance function can also be optional, making driving easier.There is no doubt that the tank 500, with its combination of hardness and softness, redefines the medium and large luxury OFF-road vehicle market, and truly has the strength of the first-line joint venture and luxury brand SUV “tough”, with both luxury and off-road hard power, and fully meets the new era of consumers’ vision and expectation for the future high-quality automotive life.In the press conference, Tank brand plans to cooperate with Leica Academy to open strategic cooperation with users.For users, choosing a Leica is not a choice of camera, but a choice of lifestyle, which coincides with the concept of a tank.Next, The Tank Project and the Leica Academy will launch a user co-creation program to record the wonderful moments of tank users with Leica cameras.Create exclusive photography route, expand the boundary of life, harvest a more arbitrary life.”Tanks, not just cars”, Tank brand is committed to building a brand ecosystem covering the whole field, creating a new lifestyle for users, creating a win-win situation with users, and creating a new lifestyle exclusively for “tank operators”.In the future, Tank500 will continue to lead The breakthrough of Chinese automobile brands and boost the brand value to a new height.Based on China, go global, with high-energy technology reserves, to provide global users with rich and diversified product experience, to establish a new benchmark in the global high-end off-road SUV market.The event will run from March 26, 2022 to April 26, 2022