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Dynamic POPPING, exciting FREE Style blood battle, dancers with love to explode the stage;Off stage, Jeep+ Freedom Light invites you to ignite the streets with your passion.The performance of the 2.0T engine detonates the surging “core” power, you want to have fun, all in Jeep+ Freedom light.A new generation of Jeep 4×4 SUV intelligent technology system, see “dance” can not be free light how to throw a wave of king explosion.Jeep+ Free Light heritage from the family classic front design, combined with waterfall grille and family ladder type wheel eyebrow, the vehicle has a strong sense of power, the brand classic and urban style integration design, carved streamlined body, fully show dynamic and vitality.Advanced style of science and technology aesthetics, LED headlights avant-garde modeling aesthetic feeling more intelligent 18-inch aluminum alloy wheel, unique modeling design, aesthetic, unique, giving Jeep+ free light distinctive background color, the first appearance will enjoy a wave of king explosion in the vision.”Core” power, the engine is equipped with the same gME-T4 2.0T engine as The Ruangler, Jeep+ free light maximum power 195kW, peak torque 400Nm, with 8 black technologies such as in-cylinder fuel direct injection technology, integrated water-cooled intercooler, twin vortex tube supercharger, easily achieve a perfect balance of performance, fuel saving and emissions.With the ZF imported 9-speed manual automatic transmission rarely seen in the industry, the efficiency, comfort and dynamics are improved to a higher level.Powered by Jeep+ Free Light, you can enjoy the driving pleasure of Jeep+ Free Light both in the city and outdoors.Jeep+ Free Light is equipped with a new generation of lightweight Active Drive intelligent four-wheel Drive system and selec-Terrain mode selection system with four driving modes. Jeep+ Free Light has been tested in 17 daily urban driving conditions, whether due to weather, road conditions or changes in driving behavior.The system seamlessly switches from two-drive to four-drive within 0.2 seconds, dynamically distributes torque in real time, improves grip, and silently protects your travel safety.The selEC-Terrain mode selection system includes four driving modes: “Auto”, “Sport”, “Snow” and “Sand/Mud”.It can be adjusted and arranged within milliseconds, easily responding to various driving conditions.The strong strength of the whole road, so that your heart to, no reach.Jeep+ Free light will bring you to the new world of Cool, and you can enjoy 24 issues of 0 interest rate/the first three months of 0 months for the activity period from February 8, 2022 to February 10, 2022