Qingzhen police Station organized civil auxiliary police to carry out legal professional knowledge training

2022-05-25 0 By

In order to further strengthen the ability of police law enforcement and case handling, improve the comprehensive quality of law enforcement team, and consolidate the foundation of public security law enforcement work.On January 27, Qingzhen police Station carried out legal knowledge training in combination with winter training.Training, police station part of legal system of the criminal procedure law “public security management punishment law” provisions on the public security organ for administrative cases program the program rules for the criminal cases handled by the public security organs, daily to deal with the problems existing in the case of interpretation, also asked all the people of the auxiliary police control problem in the case, timely check leakage fill a vacancy, vertical change, and to consolidate and improveTo achieve the purpose of “training to promote practice”, the combination of learning and application, learning to apply “.Through the legal training, improve the civilian auxiliary police business knowledge level, enhance the law enforcement personnel civilized law enforcement, fair law enforcement ability, in the future work to better serve the masses of the people.Qingzhen Police Station Edited by Ma Yulong and reviewed by Dai Lingyun