The twelve classic philosophical poems teach us how to live in the right way

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Philosophical poetry, as its name implies, reflects the poet’s philosophical views and philosophical principles in the form of poetry.The poetry of this theme is usually characterized by deep and profound content, implicit and meaningful, which is used to sum up the wisdom of life and convey the moral interest of thoughts. Most of the poems contain the abstract philosophy of philosophy in distinct artistic images.China is a country of poetry, is also a country of thought, Lao Tzu’s 5000 words “Tao Te Ching” contains profound philosophy, China’s traditional philosophy, science, politics, religion, etc., has a profound impact on the future generations respected as a country, family, moral cultivation, for the study of the treasure.Although the content of the Tao Te Ching is profound, it is not boring to read. The lscriptures have neat sentences, roughly rhyme, and are easy to recite and remember.The whole use of a variety of rhetoric, language is very incisive, the formation of a lot of idioms, aphorisms, mottoes, very rational and appealing.The poets are more keen. After realizing the philosophy in the scene, they are full of poetic emotions. They use concise and concise poems to reflect their thoughts and understandings and leave us profound enlightenment.The author carefully selected twelve famous philosophical poems from the Tang and Song dynasties to teach us how to behave properly: when we are down, these philosophical poems can give us encouragement and cheer us up.When we are complacent, these philosophical poems can give us warnings and wake us up.Tang: What about Uncle Duvudai?Qi Lu was still green.God show, Yin and Yang cut dawn.A stratus cloud grows on the thorax, and a canthus enters.Will be ling extremely, list of small mountains.Du fu had the idea of climbing mountains from Wangyue. “Huidang” is a spoken language of the Tang People, which means “must”.I must climb to the top of Mount Tai and look down on the mountains, and they will look very small.These two poems contain the philosophy of not fearing difficulties, dare to climb, in order to overlook everything, in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery.It embodies the great spirit of the Chinese nation.Two, “climb the Stork building” Tang dynasty: Wang Zhihuan day according to the mountains, the Yellow River into the sea.To see a thousand miles, to the next level.”If you want to see a thousand miles, go to the next level.”The meaning of these two lines of poetry is that if you want to see a thousand miles of scenery, then please climb one more storey.The two poems express the meaning of “standing high, you can see far”, and reflect the life philosophy of people in the prosperous Period of tang Dynasty.There is a saying “vision determines a person’s realm”, “I can succeed because I stand on the shoulders of giants.”This tells us that only by increasing our knowledge, improving our vision and standing on a higher level can we see through the essence of things and achieve success.Song: Wang Anshi flying peak on the Chihiro tower, said the cock crow see sunrise.Not afraid of clouds, only in the highest level of the body.”Not afraid of clouds, only in the highest level.”I’m not afraid of the clouds blocking my view, just because I’m at the top of The mountain.Young and ambitious Wang Anshi took the opportunity to express the feeling of looking far, expressing the philosophy of “only by standing high can you look far”, which is similar to Wang Zhihuan’s “wanting to see thousands of miles, reaching a higher floor”.These two poems embody a great statesman’s vision and lofty spirit, as well as his strong confidence and expectation for the future.Tang dynasty: Liu Yuxi bashan Chu Water desolate, 23 years abandoned place.Nostalgia empty sing flute fu, turn to the countryside like rotten ke people.The side of the boat thousands of sails, sick trees before the spring.Listen to your song today, temporarily with a cup of wine long spirit.”A thousand sails pass by the side of a sinking boat, and thousands of trees spring before a sick tree.”They mean that a thousand boats compete beside a sunk boat.In front of the sick and dying trees, there are more new trees thriving in the spring.These two lines express the general philosophy that the new must replace the old.It shows liu yuxi’s open-minded attitude towards the vicissitudes of the world and the rise of the official, and shows his firm faith and optimism.Five, “Jutu” Song: Xia Yuanding Kongtong visit road to Xianghu, ten thousand volumes of poetry to see fools.No shoe to find, come all don’t take time.The two lines of the poem “No place to find a broken shoe, it doesn’t take much effort to get” mean that the “Taoist meaning” that you have been looking for all your life can not be found, but suddenly an opportunity, unexpectedly, can be enlightened.In order to explore the truth of the world and unlock the mystery of knowledge, countless people have searched through the past and present, but failed to achieve success after suffering hardships.Often after a lot of accumulation, “inspiration” appears in a moment, suddenly “Epiphany”, it will come naturally, suddenly enlightened, logical, easy to achieve success.Six, “Winter Night reading shows the son Yu” Song: Lu You the ancient knowledge without exhaustion, young time old beginning.The paper come zhongjue shallow, and must know this to practice.”Paper come zhongjue shallow, must know this to practice.The meaning of these two lines is that knowledge gained from books is, after all, incomplete.If you want to understand the truth, you have to do it yourself.These two verses illustrate the philosophy that knowledge comes from practice.The trick of learning is not to be satisfied with literal understanding, for the knowledge gained from books is superficial after all. If you want to know the essence of things or things, you must rely on personal practice, and only by practicing yourself can you turn the knowledge from books into your practical ability.Tang: Du Xun He Jing Creek stone people trembling carefully, never smell overturned people.It is advection without stone, always heard that there is destruction.”But there is no stone advection, always hear that there is destruction.”The meaning of these two lines is that people are often drowned in places where the current is slow and there are no rocks.These two verses tell us that we should be prepared for danger in times of peace, worry about deficit and prepare for adversity.The more dangerous the place, the more careful and careful people will be, and there will be fewer accidents.On the contrary, in a flat and stable place, people tend to be careless and unconcerned, which is prone to unexpected problems.Song: Lu Meipo, Mei Xue chun refused to surrender, the poet put aside his comments.Meisuxun snow three points white, but the snow lost a sweet mei.”The plum blossom is white, but the snow is fragrant.”The meaning of these two poems is that the plum blossom must not let snow three glittering and translucent white snow, but lost to the light fragrance of the plum blossom.Reflects the “ruler has a short, inch has a strong point” philosophy.This poem warns us that we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and that each of us has something to recommend us.It is only right that we should know ourselves to learn from others’ strengths and complement our own weaknesses.Tang: Bai Juyi gives you a method to resolve doubts, without drilling turtle and wish yarrow.Three days to burn the jade, and seven years to judge it.When The Duke of Zhou feared rumors, Wang Mang did not usurp the throne.To make the body then died at the beginning, life true or false answer who knows?”It takes three days to burn the jade, and seven years to distinguish the material.”The meaning of these two poems is that if you want to distinguish the true and false jade, you must use fire to burn it. If you can stand the fire for a long time, you are a good jade.You have to wait seven years to judge whether a piece of wood is good or bad. If it remains strong and undecayed after all the weather, you can prove it is good wood.These two sentences and “distance test horsepower, time reveals the heart” and “strong wind tests the strength of the grass,” contains the philosophy of “practice tests true knowledge” and “time will test everything”.Bai Juyi uses the positive and negative examples of Zhou Gong and Wang Mang to tell us that people and things should not be viewed one-sidedly, and should be proved and tested over a long period of time and through practice, rather than just at present. Otherwise, it is easy to be wrong and draw one-sided or wrong conclusions.Song: Zhu Xi half mu square pond a mirror opened, sky light cloud shadow wandering.Ask canal that had to be so clear, for a source of living water.”Ask canal that must be so clear, for there is a source of fresh water to come” these two verses mean to ask why the water in the pond is so clear?Because it has an inexhaustible source of fresh water.The meaning of these two lines is similar to “running water never rots, and a door-hinge never gets worm-eaten”. The philosophy is that only by constantly accepting new things and knowledge can we keep alive and active.Zhu Xi was indeed a master of Neo-Confucianism. He explained this philosophy so vividly that he was often quoted by people for thousands of years.Eleven, “songyuan morning paint shop” its five Yang Wanli Mo Yan xialing is not difficult, earn pedestrians empty like.Is into the circle of ten thousand mountains, a mountain let a mountain block.”Is into the circle of ten thousand mountains, a mountain pass a mountain block.”The meaning of these two verses is that when you enter the circle of mountains, as soon as you climb one mountain, another will stop you.The philosophy of these two lines is that no matter what people do, they should fully estimate the difficulties on the road ahead and not be intoxicated by the success of the moment.This poem warns us that life is not difficult, life is the process of constantly fighting with “difficult”, without “difficult” life, in the real society is not exist.When a person has made certain achievements, never be conceited and complacent, but should keep forging ahead.Song: Su Shi saw the mountain side into the peak, far and near high and low are different.I do not know the true face of lushan mountain, but I am in it.”I don’t know the true face of lushan Mountain, but I’m in it.”The meaning of these two lines of poetry is that I can not recognize the real face of Lushan Because I am in lushan.The philosophy contained in these two lines is, “Outsiders see most of the game.”It is impossible to see things as they really are unless they are observed outside the complexity of things.This poem warns us that due to the different positions and starting points of people, their understanding of objective things is inevitably one-sided. Only by transcending the narrow scope, getting rid of subjective prejudice and comprehensively observing, can we truly realize the truth and the whole picture of things.The above are the twelve classical philosophical poems carefully selected by the author, if you have a little enlightenment, the author will feel honored.Welcome friends to share and discuss.