The blue Mountain 56 task forces have taken targeted measures to help private enterprises

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Yongzhou Daily news (correspondent Peng Hua) “this year’s early rice seedling is still lack of necessary venues, the company’s part of the workshop has not successfully handled real estate certificate…We will actively assist the company to coordinate with relevant departments to come up with solutions as soon as possible.”On February 9, shortly after lanshan Henghua Rice Co., Ltd. started work, the supporting unit of the county agriculture and Rural Bureau set up a helping team to investigate the resumption of work and production situation of the company, on-site dispatch to help enterprises solve the existing difficulties.When companies are in trouble, the government comes to help.The county set up private enterprises to help the team, led by the county leadership, into the enterprise door to understand the main difficulties in enterprise production and management and facing, carefully comb the enterprise put forward the shortage of funds, talent introduction, technological innovation, project support, market development and other aspects of the problems, study specific solutions.At the same time, due to the enterprise system, to help enterprises clarify the development ideas, put forward development goals and schedules, improve the management mechanism, development planning, development of enterprise growth and stronger and larger roadmap.The county made the county leaders, accurate support implementation of private enterprises, in accordance with the national industrial policy guidance, available in the selected industrial enterprises above designated size or high growth of private enterprises, clear unit of every enterprise backing, implement “a enterprises, led by a, a support unit, composed of a support team work, make a support plan” support mechanism,According to the enterprise development goals, implementation of “one enterprise, one policy, one solution”, from the crack problem enterprise development, promote the expansion of enterprises, promote the innovation in science and technology, expand product market, strengthening elements support, the implementation of management innovation and implement fiscal and financial support of enterprise for seven aspects such as one-to-one precise counterpart support.The county also aimed at leading enterprises and backbone enterprises few, lack of competitiveness and other problems, concentration of superior resources, expand a number of backbone enterprises, cultivate a number of potential, good growth, there is a certain scale of enterprises bigger and stronger.At present, the county has set up a total of 56 enterprises precise assistance task force, the county 94 private enterprises to carry out precise assistance for three years of action, actively support the development of new industrialization, promote the county’s industrial economy healthy development.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: