The Chinese delegation has a long way to go

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On February 12, the 8th competition day after the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the exciting news came out from the National Speed Skating Hall in the evening: In the speed skating men’s 500-meter race, Gao Tingyu of China started from group 7, broke the Olympic record of 34.32 seconds, and won the gold medal.It is also the first time that A Chinese male speed skater has won a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.After failing to win a gold medal on Wednesday, China won its fourth gold medal at this Winter Olympics.Just over half way through the Beijing Winter Olympics, China has already collected four gold, three silver and one bronze, its best start to the games since its debut at lake Placid in 1980.The first time China has won four or more gold MEDALS in a single Winter Olympics was in Vancouver in 2010.MEDALS are important, but what is even more exciting is that in the first eight days of competition, The Chinese delegation also achieved breakthroughs in the history of winter Olympics participation in a number of events.In the first half of this Winter Olympics, Chinese ice and snow athletes have set the “first” or “best” in many events.Especially in the past slightly weak snow projects, as well as ice hockey, steel sled, sled and other projects, The Chinese team showed gratifying progress.Yan Wengang of China won bronze in the men’s skeleton bobsled, marking the first time a Chinese athlete has made the podium at a Winter Olympics in that event.It is worth mentioning that The Chinese athletes only participated in the steel frame bobsled competition for the first time in the 2018 Winter Olympics. They won the MEDALS in two competitions, demonstrating the speed of China.In mogul-based alpine skiing, Chinese skater Xu Mingfu took part in the most difficult downhill event for the first time.In the shougang ski big jump, 17-year-old He Jinbo completed the most difficult individual movement;At the National Bobsled Center, 21-year-old Wang Peixuan made her Winter Olympics debut as a Chinese female bobsledder.In the Zhangjiakou area of genting Ski Park, 19 years old young rong ge represented China’s first snowboard women’s slopestyle competition……China is competing in 35 sports for the first time in this Winter Olympics, and many of the “niche” sports have taken an important step forward, even though they are not expected to win MEDALS.Another snowboarding teenager, Su Yiming, also made history.He won a silver medal in men’s snowboard slopestyle, becoming China’s first men’s snowboard medalist at the Winter Olympics.It is particularly worth mentioning that there was a dispute over the score of the referee after the match, and netizens at home and abroad expressed their dissatisfaction that “Su yiming’s score was low”.Su’s coach issued an open letter, saying that he and su had spent a long time on the phone with the judges, imploring the public to stop criticizing them and saying, “The culture of skiing is created together, and those who are active in this community are all family.”Coach Su’s open letter shows the inclusiveness and generosity of the Chinese delegation, which is in line with the Olympic motto of “greater unity”.During the first half of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the confidence, friendliness, tolerance and self-challenge shown by Chinese athletes on and off the track won Respect for China and added luster to the Olympic cause.”Sport must be used to unite people, not divide us.”China’s Gu Ailing said after winning the platform.When she and runner-up Mathilde Gremer wiped away the tears of runner-up Tess Luder, it was a beautiful moment of empathy among the three young athletes.From February 13, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will enter the second half, China’s ice athletes will continue to gallop to a higher goal.Gu Will compete in two events: freestyle ski slopestyle and halfpipe.Olympic champion Wu Dajing will defend his title in the men’s 500-meter short-track speed skating event and compete in the men’s 5,000-meter relay with his teammates.World champions Sui Wenjing and Han Cong will try to surpass themselves in figure skating pairs;Freestyle skiing air skills men and women’s individual projects will also have Xu Mengtao and other famous stars to launch an impact on the medal.Therefore, the second half of the Beijing Winter Olympics can be wonderful, Chinese athletes can be!(Wang Dong, reporter of our Newspaper)