My daughter got good grades in the final exam and got a reward for her father’s time-limited shopping spree. She was surprised to see the shopping cart

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Parents have high hopes for their children, always hoping to “become a dragon or a phoenix”, so they will try their best to give their children the best education, especially when their children achieve success, they are filled with joy and pride.Now many parents will see the result as the standard of children’s progress or not, especially the final exam is very important, if the test is not good naturally is inevitable a harsh criticism, but if the test is good, parents will not be stingy to reward their children.One father promised his daughter that if she aced her final exam, she would be rewarded with a one-minute supermarket shopping spree.”But when it comes time to check out, it’s a little unexpected to see your child’s shopping cart.Girl’s final exam well, get dad limited-time crazy shopping rewards, let netizen envy of most parents before the exam in order to arouse the students’ learning motivation, will promise to give certain material rewards, have to say it’s really very attractive, so learning initiative is promoted, incentives to let the students autonomous learning is a kind of education method.Most parents are rewarded with gifts or small change, but one father in East China’s Anhui province has won the envy of Internet users by promising his daughter the right to a limited time shopping spree at a supermarket if she performs well in her final exams.Under such incentives, the girl did live up to expectations and got a very good score. The father was also very happy and ready to empty his private money to take his daughter to the supermarket “shopping”. Of course, the shopping spree was limited to one minute, but it was enough to take what he liked.The father also promised that no matter what the daughter took, as long as it is put in the shopping cart can be settled, so the daughter was full of excitement and started crazy shopping. In a blink of an eye, a minute passed and the daughter pushed the shopping cart to the cashier.I thought it would be a car full of snacks, but unexpectedly there were not many, and the total amount was less than 100 yuan. Maybe the daughter was afraid of her father spending too much money, so she only picked some of her favorite snacks instead of shopping recklessly.Such a move is also touched by parents, said, “Children grow up, know love parents.””, in fact, with the growth of students, the mind is gradually improved, will not be as “reckless” as a child, perhaps this is the price of growth!Words in deed, the parents of the students promised reward, will try to cash as the saying goes “parents are the first teachers of children, so parents of a line and say will far-reaching impact on students, especially the character and through the influence of the most important, so the parents to be strict with oneself, be a good role model for students.Many parents will make a promise to students, then since promised to go to implement, as long as students achieve their own requirements to give the corresponding reward, can not say nothing, honor the promise will let children trust parents, after the use of rewards and punishments in the form of education is more convincing.Will “promises”, but there are many parents trust that harm the student and parent, but will also leave a big shadow in the heart, age is relatively smaller value commitment, so don’t dismiss the importance of commitments, parents do will honor in deed, to establish a good parent-child relationship, good education and guidance.The correct use of “reward and punishment system”, can improve students’ learning motivation, and then improve their academic performance. First, students are simple in mind, and pay more attention to the reward and punishment system, so parents can start from now on, plan out a certain reward and punishment system for students, and reward and punishment, relaxation and degree can arouse students’ learning motivation.The second point, the use of students’ favorite things or desire as a bonus, will inevitably arouse students’ interest in learning, of course, if students meet the requirements, so parents should live up to its promise, can’t find an excuse prevarication, otherwise it will make students lose trust, once lost, is difficult to build trust again, so parents may not be careless.Third, parents should make goals according to the actual situation of students, the difficulty coefficient should be moderate, too simple students do not have a sense of challenge, will lose interest, too difficult will have a sense of frustration, easy to blow self-confidence, so the grasp of this scale depends on the actual situation of students, suitable for students is the best.It is the dream of many people in their childhood to get good grades in the final exam and go shopping at will in the supermarket. The sense of satisfaction and pride is self-evident to realize their wishes through their own efforts.Of course, since the parents promised to be honored, no matter how difficult it is to keep their word, the use of the “reward and punishment system” can well stimulate students’ interest in learning, is also a standard of behavior, but the control of the scale depends on the actual situation of the students, the best choice is to improvise.What were your rewards for doing well on exams when you were young?Welcome to share and discuss.If you want to know more exciting content, come to follow the little Beauty mother education diary # Knowledge celebrity season #