I spent 400,000 yuan to decorate my new house, and when I finished, I shared it with my friends on wechat, but it was ridiculed as a “hotel”.

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Area: 148㎡ Budget:400000 is our family business, her husband is a strong male chauvinism, decorate what is to listen to him, 148 at a cost of 400000 ㎡, bridal chamber is decorated, in fact this is one of the more Howe’s price, we are out money, decorate after acceptance in bridal chamber is a very happy thing, but haven’t had time to happy, is a lot of people make fun like a hotel, not like home,I can’t be happy anymore.This is the living room, the ground all choose ceramic tiles, large area if installed on the floor, nursing up is also more trouble;The overall effect of the living room, my husband likes this kind of tone, I think the color of the sofa is too dark, unlike the aesthetics of 30-year-old young people, I like European and American style;The restaurant side, in order to feel more luxurious, the wall also made a soft bag, the result was ridiculed as a hotel;Aisle here to do partition display cabinet, more characteristic is the ceiling, this approach is quite novel;The kitchen is like this, the lampblack machine has not been installed, full come;For the bedroom, isn’t the background wall at the head of the bed luxurious?High-end, elegant and classy, but also the most ridiculed place;Advocate lie wardrobe, move the door is the most basic contracted design;Master bedroom of the large bay window, nothing above see the scenery or good;The second bedroom is for children, relatively clean, boys and girls can use;Toilet, I don’t know where he got a green toilet, I have never seen it!Toilet ceiling, the color of tuhao gold, style details are also very durable, how do you feel?This article is edited by Qi Jia Miao Miao, part of the material source Internet, assault delete!The article comes from: old house reconstruction case selection (Wanghongjiaju), daily share decoration cases and experience!