After a man in Shanghai refused to comply with his repeated nucleic acid tests, epidemic prevention officials were furious: they won’t do it for you

2022-05-24 0 By

Recently, netizens in Shanghai posted a video.In the video, a man tries to take nucleic acid samples at a nucleic acid testing site, but the man refuses to cooperate with the health guard. The guard finally loses his temper after several unsuccessful attempts, Shouting “Don’t move” at the man, saying that he didn’t even put in the cotton swabs, so the man hides and cannot take samples at all.After being attacked by the epidemic prevention officer, the man angrily responded, telling the epidemic prevention officer not to be so fierce, and saying that everyone understood.The epidemic prevention worker did not know what he knew, so he told the man that if he knew, he should not come here and do it by himself.As the two exchanged words, the epidemic prevention officer became increasingly angry and shouted at the man, “I won’t do it for you any more. Go home, roll on!””Baymax doesn’t have to come if he’s tired. He’s a good-natured man. Be patient.Your attitude shows poor quality.””All are adults, endure a endure on the past, neither bleeding nor tears, to be a nucleic acid are evasive, ambition are long temper.””This Baymax is also a little stupid. If he doesn’t cooperate, he doesn’t report.The way she uses her words will somehow carry over.”In all fairness, the epidemic prevention personnel must be wrong to lose their temper.But I also have to say that epidemic prevention workers are also ordinary people with tempers. I think it is understandable that they suddenly break down when they are under great pressure at work.Of course, understanding is understanding, even if the temper should not use such inappropriate words “go back”, it really does not fit her status.What do you think?