2-2 substitution, equalizer after 84 minutes, two substitutes, jose mourinho refused to allow a double

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Jose mourinho’s seventh-placed roma clash with ninth-placed Verona took place on Saturday at 1:00 am (Beijing time) in the 26th round of serie A.Play the first leg, at that time, Rome was lost to verona, jose mourinho took a defeat is verona, so can be said to be mourinho’s revenge for the game, but Rome last three matches two draws, state is weak, and verona last 4 games 3-1, state clearly is much better.At home, the Roman offering out of the 3412 by Abraham and gian blunt in the front, Manuel pellegrini and behind the two of them,,,, oliveira and John kerry, and than, to midfield, kars doppler, smolin and kum blah to form the last line of defense, Patricia theo, served as the starting keeper,Verona came up with a 3421 formation, with Simone in front, caprari and ballack behind, lazovic, ilic, tamesei and Faraoni in the midfield, casale, Guntel and Cecellini in the last defence, mondiper as the starting goalkeeper.In the fifth minute, the roma defence was broken down and Verona attacked on the right side of the pitch, culminating in ballack’s volley from the top of the penalty area to give them a 1-0 lead.The giallorossi made it 2-0 in the 20th minute when tamesei met a triangular pass from the left side of the penalty area.At this moment the side of the jose mourinho anxious, began to wave forward to press, to give the opponent pressure, not blindly back.At half-time, jose mourinho wasted no time dancing around his players and encouraging them to keep fighting.Roma pulled one back in the 65th minute when volpato, 18, who had been on for four minutes as a substitute for Asamoy Gyan, blasted a shot from 12 yards.Pellegrini was brought down in the penalty area in the 73rd minute, but the referee did nothing to allow roma a penalty kick.The 75th minute of the game, kerry, on a rob a call by the referee after a foul, sidelines thoroughly nu, mourinho’s mouth murmured, verbal warnings by the referee in the end, the 84th minute of the game, sub appearances only 7 minutes, 19, Italy midfielder bo equalised, a teenager was born again, mourinho was substitution, godBoth substitutions were instant success.In the 91st minute, the referee finally made his move, sending off the complaining jose mourinho.The two sides ended in a draw.