Magic multiplication speed calculation method (multi-digit sequential nine method)

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Happy New Year everyone!First of all, I wish my family and all readers a happy New Year, good health and a happy family!The Year of the Tiger!Financial resources are plentiful!Plain sailing!In the last period, we talked about the six digit times six digit nine-sum sequence method, the idea is good, but the method is not the best!After study, specific method to find a very simple and convenient method, that is before and after the product of composite number method!Below, we take six digit multiply six digit example analysis explain: example :664666×443556, its quick calculation method and process are as follows: first product :664×444: one and two product :7×4=28;Ask gusts product: 4 x 6 + (6 + 6-10) x 40 = 24 + 80 = 104104 + 44 = 148 (44 to 64 x 44 of the product);Pentagonal product :4×4=16, so the first product is 294816;Before and after product combination =(666-664)×443556=887112, final product = coproduct – first product =887112-294816=592296.Therefore, 664666 x 443556 = 294816592296.From the above quick calculation process, it can be seen that the final product is simpler and more convenient than the simple final product, and less prone to error.Then the efficiency of quick calculation has been further improved!This time, we will explain here, like readers, please continue to pay attention, we will continue to explain next time!Thanks to the family for their long-term support and encouragement!And the support of your readers!See you next time!# Winter Life punch out season