King of Glory: New members of the Armageddon skin series, confirmed to be online on 18th, ready 1350

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Original | bugs bunny chat in king glory to the game, game hero skin has always been a player more attention, a lot of skin are belong to the series of products at the same time.But in these series of skin inside, there is a series of skin, has always been more concerned about the player, that is the mecha series of skin.Just today, mechamagus series skin has officially announced a new member, the skin quality is direct sale legend skin, the specific online time is February 18.Although there are many kinds of skins in the mecha series, the Mecha Doomsday series is not very common, and the production level of the skin series is indeed practiced.The new member of doomsday series skin belongs to Sun Ce. This skin is also the second legendary quality skin after Sun Shangxiang doomsday Skin.And the overall design and production, compared with Sun Shangxiang’s mecha skin is even worse.So let’s talk about it in detail: Sun Ce’s Doomsday skin was actually revealed a long time ago, and the voice resource pack of the skin has been synchronized to the official server.And now the official announcement, also kind of confirmed the accuracy of the previous Revelations.Indeed, mecha series skin, the most able to let players find the resonance of the point, and this year’s Spring Festival, the online skin are more or less some problems, then Sun Ce this mecha skin, perhaps will be a turning point.To put it simply, the launch of the Armageddon skin series confirms that the current skin production, in accordance with the previous design, is more appealing to players.And those so-called “innovation”, in fact, has not been recognized by players, so it is indeed a good choice to choose mecha series skin as the first high-quality skin in the beginning of the year.Commendable is that Sun Ce this machine armor skin, from the overall positioning, looks a little high, according to the quality of the epic is the best.But in the official publicity special effects show, you can see this machine skin as a direct sale of legendary skin, is not impossible.After all, before this two high quality legend skin, did not get the recognition of players, especially kai blue sky armor, once because of the production of perfunctorily and rushed to the hot search list.The same goes for the Monkey King Zero and Red Flame, which is much better than the armored Jiangtian armor.Compared with these two types of skin, Sun Ce’s Doomsday mecha is more sophisticated in production.In particular, the special effects of some key skills can be well combined with the special effects and visual feelings, such a production is a good skin.At the same time, in the skin posters of Sun Ce, there is no “matching clothes” with other skins, which has to say that in the skin series of Mecha, the overall production level is very high.In the special effects show of Sun Ce, it can be clearly seen that each section of the production of this skin has a different special effects show, so it is reasonable for this skin to be positioned as the legendary quality.Of course, after the specific online, whether there will be such special effects, we need to verify to know.And special effect to this skin of Sun Ce, what be worth praiseworthy really still is 3 skill special effect.You know, in some ways, Sun Ce’s three skills are not as easy to make as you might think, but now they make an amazing display.In this skin, there are many small details in the inside, not easy to see if you are not careful.These details include the color change of the ship’s engine fire, a special effect that accelerates each time, and even the design of turning a wooden ship into a spaceship, all worthy of praise.At the same time, this skin will give players a faster feeling during the use of the skin, have to say that this skin is undoubtedly a success.Actually the skin of legendary quality skin and other quality, have a very big distinction point, that is the skin of legendary quality, can have an exclusive return to the city special effect.This return to the city special effects is also a very important point, before there are some legends of the skin return to the city special effects, how much a little perfunctory, and Sun Ce this skin return to the city special effects, on the production of very good.Especially on the way back to the city, the spaceship and sun Ce’s way of getting on the ship, are very clever design, which has to say that the skin of the Apocalyptic series is really worthy of praise.As for the other details of this skin display, you need to find your own friends.Finally, we have to mention that among all the current skin series, mecha skin series has gradually become the new favorite of players. Simply speaking, it is possible to hide skin without glory, but not without mecha skin series.After all, mecha is the dream of many young friends, so now in the game can realize this dream, is not impossible.Ok, that’s all for today. What do you think of sun Ce’s skin?