Hangzhou community naked back photo female network red face exposure!Apologize to the owner: I was wrong

2022-05-23 0 By

The owner of a residential community in Hangzhou recently complained to the media that there are too many Internet celebrities in the community and they “take beautiful photos” every day: “Sometimes the girls don’t even wear underwear, showing their big backs.There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood, and it’s really not good for the kids.”Two days after the incident sparked a nationwide outcry, the backless actress apologized in person.”I’m sorry for disturbing other business owners,” she said.She said that she did not notice children playing beside her when taking photos. She hoped that the owner could remind her not to take pictures again and she would pay more attention to occasions with children in the future.With 700,000 followers on her short video account, cheng ‘er, a pale and beautiful car model, seems to be a mature Internet celebrity.An earlier photo showed her wearing a yellow suspender while an assistant sorted her clothes.It was this picture that made Bao’s mother think it affected her child.In her account, I found a video of her wearing the yellow suspenders on the same day. Such a dress should be ok in some formal performances and cocktail parties, but it is really a bit inappropriate to appear in the community and frequently pose.Her account also includes short videos she shot in her neighborhood because, as she explained, she was almost unemployed and had to stay home “to take care of her daily routine” when the epidemic hit this spring.Can this Internet celebrity influence children by taking photos in the community?Reviews have been mixed.People who support her think there is no need to apologize, net red photo is also their own work, a no illegal two no disturbing people, show a back how, beautiful little sister figure want to wear how to wear!Others think the mother is right to be concerned that taking bare-back photos next to her children is bad for them.Children innocent and simple, for some new things also very curious, so generally will affect the child’s ideas, and behavior learning and so on.