A thank you letter from the community

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A thank-you note from the community today, lanzhou city committee of the Chinese authorities received the letter from chengguan railway east village street railway east village community sent a thank-you note, thank you for the CPPCC stationed cadres and CPPCC donated to them at key points in the epidemic prevention and control communications equipment supplies and epidemic prevention, and thanks for cadres in epidemic prevention and control work in community, the first timeI would like to thank members of the CPPCC for their social responsibility and generosity.Railway east village community why will send a letter of thanks to the municipal CPPCC organs?As it turns out, since the COVID-19 epidemic hit Our city again in early March, party members and cadres of the Municipal CPPCC stationed in this community responded immediately and changed from regular stationed to emergency on duty. Under the leadership of the Community and Social Work Committee, they participated in epidemic prevention and control tasks such as containment management, residents’ services and nucleic acid testing.Railway east village community railway workers are in the majority, with a wide contact with the outside world, with particularity.As the number of buildings under control and lockdown increased, the epidemic control force was visibly strained, with community workers, cadres and other volunteers working in tandem in many cases.The buildings under temporary control have to undergo nucleic acid testing three times a week, and nucleic acid collection will be carried out in several buildings at the same time every day. The number of medical staff is limited, and the working hours are prolonged, which makes them very tired.Community staff saw this and wanted to help medical staff share the task of information collection to improve the efficiency of nucleic acid collection. However, there was often a lag in the process of code scanning, which not only did not improve the efficiency of information collection, but also delayed the time, and was complained by residents who did not understand.City CPPCC stationed cadres Wang Jianzhou paid attention to these situations, timely understanding of the reason, that the mobile phone community staff not only to contact, but also to report data, but also scan code to collect information, it can not be fully taken into account.During the epidemic period, people worked overtime and used their own equipment for nucleic acid information collection, but it was a small matter to pay for the flow out of their own pocket. However, the collection delay caused complaints, and the staff felt very wronged.Wang Jianzhou timely report to the city CPPCC organs this situation.After coordination, On the afternoon of March 24, Wang Xinzhou, a member of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), donated 10 pieces of communication equipment to the community, along with protective clothing, which is in short supply at present. The value of these materials amounted to 17,000 yuan.Wang Xinzhou is executive director of Gansu Xinyue Road and Bridge Engineering Co., LTD.He said that as a member of the CPPCC, I was full of respect to the community workers who were busy day and night, regardless of their efforts, and decided to do what I could for the community.”With the new communication equipment, we can collect nucleic acid information more smoothly, shorten the queuing time of residents, and improve the collection efficiency.”Community specialist li Rui-xin said.”The virus is merciless and there is love in the world. We feel warm and deeply moved by the donation of the CPPCC and its members. We feel a great responsibility and a glorious mission, which makes us more confident and determined to defeat the epidemic.”Community Party secretary Liu Zirui said.”At the same time, we will also include these materials in the fixed assets of the community, and take good care of them.”I believe that the haze of the virus will soon dispersed, full garden spring scenery is in sight, all good will be as promised.Contribution: Information Section