The present situation of the Tourism development of the Imperial Tombs of the Song Dynasty: a century problem left by the Emperor of the Song Dynasty to Zhengzhou

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A few days ago, I broke off the tourism development of the Tang Dynasty mausoleum.After the Tang Dynasty, The land of China entered a brief period of chaos.Confusing, messy, those de thin only sparse earth emperor’s mausoleum, not mention.After the five Dynasties and ten States came the period of confrontation between Song and Liao.Below, we will break off the tragic Northern Song Dynasty mausoleum, their development situation, is also a long story.The Song dynasty was founded in 960 AD and lasted 167 years from 1127 to 1127, during which there were nine emperors and nine royal tombs.One for each person, which seems like the second law of the universe.But in fact, there is a fake imperial mausoleum inside the emperor, there is a real emperor no imperial mausoleum, wrong into the wrong out, just enough.The capital of the Song Dynasty was Kaifeng, Henan, but the imperial Cemetery of the Northern Song Dynasty was located in Gongyi, Zhengzhou.Gongyi buried eight emperors and also had eight imperial tombs.There is also an asterisk mausoleum in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province.In gongyi Mausoleum, the “normal” mausoleum is 7, the “stuffing” is the first seven emperors of the Northern Clan.They are yongchang Mausoleum of Zhao Kuangyin, Emperor Taizu of Song Dynasty, Yongxi Mausoleum of Zhao Guangyi, Ding Mausoleum of Zhao Hengyong of Song Zhenzong, Yongzhao Mausoleum of Zhao Shuyong of Song Renzong, Houling Mausoleum of Zhao Shuyong of Song Yingzong, Zhao Xuyong mausoleum of Song Shenzong, and Yongtai mausoleum of Zhao Xuxu of Song Zhezong.Gongyi also has a mausoleum – Yongan Mausoleum, buried is not the emperor.The master of yong ‘an Mausoleum is Zhao Da, Zhao er’s father Zhao Hongyin.Zhao Hongyin is the founder of Zhao Song dynasty, in charge of the forbidden army in the later Tang Dynasty.Since then, although the court changed like a lantern, But Zhao Hongyin has always been able to stand tall in the officialdom.In the later Zhou Dynasty, he was made a baron and was in charge of the Forbidden army together with Zhao Kuangyin.Zhao Hongyin died during guo Wei’s reign and was buried in the southeast corner of Kaifeng.After zhao da proclaimed himself emperor, he was named Emperor Xuanzu and buried in gongyi’s royal mausoleum area, which is the “Yong ‘an Mausoleum”.The last two emperors of the Northern Song, Huizong and Qinzong, went to Heilongjiang to give birth after the northern Song fell.Huizong died at the age of 54 in the City of Five States (Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province). Seven years later, after the Song and Jin dynasties made peace, his coffin was returned to the Southern Song dynasty and buried in Yongyou Mausoleum in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province.At the age of 56, Emperor Qinzong died in Yanjing (today’s Beijing), and the Jin people buried him in the mausoleum area of Gongyi, named “Yongxian Mausoleum”.Of course, this tomb is in name only, does not have the style of the imperial tomb completely, also is not usually in gong Yi eight imperial tombs.In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Yongxian Mausoleum was leveled.The tragic Northern Song Imperial Tombs may be imperial tombs, but the northern Song Imperial tombs do not attract any interest from tomb robbers.It is estimated that the number of thefts of northern Song Imperial tombs is very small.After the fall of the Northern Song dynasty, the Jin Army dug up the Gongyi imperial tomb and even dragged out the bones of the Northern Song emperor and threw them into the wilderness.Later, liu Yu’s puppet Qi government carefully “checked” again, for fear that anything of value was left.The southern Song Government once sent people to repair the gongyi mausoleum, but the previous damage, I’m afraid is irreparable!In the Yuan Dynasty, the imperial Mausoleum area was left unattended and became farmland.The Ming and Qing dynasties protected the northern Song Tombs, but only without further destruction.The northern Song Dynasty mausoleum was built directly on the great plain, competing with peasants for farmland.The northern Song dynasty died, and the tombs of the Northern Song dynasty lost their majesty. The guards left, but the peasants came back.Those tall mounds of tombs and stone carvings are inlaid in the endless wheat fields.Now, the northern Song Dynasty mausoleum development is not appropriate, development is not appropriate.If developed, it is bound to occupy a large amount of farmland, affecting the livelihood of many people.Moreover, the eight imperial tombs were too scattered to be developed together;If the separate development, a single imperial mausoleum is not much to watch, it is difficult to attract tourists.If not developed, these historical sites will soon be lost forever under the action of natural and human factors.Not to mention the stone statues, some tall mounds of sealed earth have even become “earth pillars” under the erosion of agricultural machinery!Yongan Mausoleum is located in the west of Changfeng Village, West town, Gongyi City.Zhao Hongyin was the emperor who was named after him, so the scale of his tomb was naturally smaller than other tombs.Today, all that remains of the tomb is a modest enclosure surrounded by farmland.At the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there were nine stone carvings here, but after the Cultural Revolution, only four remained and were removed by the cultural relics department.Therefore, there is nothing to see except seals and monuments.The mausoleum is not developed, and there is no charge, we can visit at any time.Yongchang Mausoleum of Emperor Taizu of song Dynasty The mausoleum is located in Longwa, Xicun Town, Gongyi City.The mausoleum was also in a wheat field, but only in recent years has it been developed and protected.When I went to see it the year before last, the mausoleum was under construction.It is said that yongchang Mausoleum has now been built and is open to the public for free.It is the third song Mausoleum to be protected.The existing seal of Yongchang Mausoleum is about 50 meters in diameter and 14.8 meters high.There are 47 stone carvings in Yongchang Mausoleum, including Huabiao, stone beasts, stone statues and so on.(3) Yongxi Mausoleum of Emperor Taizong of Song Dynasty is located in Hutuo River Village, West Town.Yongxi Mausoleum is the largest tomb of the Song Dynasty, and the stone carvings (58 extant pieces) are the most valuable, magnificent and artistic.The main area of the mausoleum is no longer cultivated, but is lightly developed and open to the public for free.(4) Yongding Mausoleum is located in Caizhuang Village, Zhitian Town, Gongyi City. There are 60 stone carvings now, which are the best preserved in the northern Song Dynasty mausoleum.In the mausoleum area, there are also the tombs of kou Zhun and Bao Zheng, famous officials of the Northern Song Dynasty.It is one of the most fully developed northern Song Tombs and the only one that charges 20 yuan for admission.Yongzhao Mausoleum of Song Renzong It is the only Song Mausoleum located in gongyi City.There are 46 stone carvings in yongzhao Mausoleum.It is also one of the few imperial tombs of the Song Dynasty that are fully developed. It was developed earlier and is the only one that has restored the ground structure.Yongzhao Mausoleum is open to the public for free.(6) Yonghou Mausoleum of Song Yingzong is located in the western suburb of Gongyi, only one kilometer away from Yongzhao Mausoleum.There are 56 stone carvings in yonghou Mausoleum, but the condition is not good and the defect is serious.It is also in farmland, but since the autumn of last year, part of the farmland in the Lingqu area has not been cultivated, it seems that the next step will be protected and developed.(7) Yongyu Mausoleum of Song Shenzong is located in Baling Village, Zhinan Town, Gongyi City, with 17 existing stone carvings.It is currently surrounded by wheat fields, free of charge, and can be visited at any time.(8) Yongtai Mausoleum of Song Zhezong is located in Baling Village, Zhitian Town, Gongyi City, less than 1 kilometer away from Yongyu Mausoleum, with 56 existing stone carvings.It is also currently surrounded by wheat fields and is free of charge.It is the most valuable undeveloped mausoleum of the Song Dynasty.Yongyou Mausoleum of Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty It is the only mausoleum of the Northern Song Dynasty located in the Southern Song Mausoleum area.When the Mausoleum was built, the Northern Song Dynasty had already perished, and Gongyiling district had already become the territory of jin.After the peace treaty in Shaoxing, the Southern Song welcomed back Concubine Wei Xian.Also returned was the coffin of Emperor Huizong of The Song Dynasty, who had been dead for seven years.The Southern Song Dynasty buried Emperor Huizong in Yonggu Mausoleum, which was later renamed Yongyou Mausoleum, becoming one of the six tombs of the Southern Song Dynasty.After the fall of the Southern Song Dynasty, Yang Lian Zhen Jia, the director of Buddhism in the South of the Yangtze River in the Yuan Dynasty, led a group of people to dig the southern Song Dynasty’s royal mausoleum, yongyou Mausoleum was also destroyed.Today, yongyou Tomb is also on farmland and is free to visit.The above is the current situation of the Northern Song Dynasty mausoleum.All imperial tombs have been preserved, but conservation and development have varied.Less than half of these tombs have been developed, with only one charging area.What do you think is the best way to dispose of the Song Mausoleum?