“Poetry appreciation” welcome spring snow, how much do you know about the ancient poetry of spring snow?

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Another spring snow hit, as light as smoke, as soft as catkins, falling from the sky in succession.The spring breeze is slightly cold, and the snow is diffused.A snow all over the sky, sanchun scenery more beautiful!When spring breeze meets spring snow, swirl swirl, breeds vitality!May the spring snow wash the epidemic, clean up the dust, so that peace on the world!Spring snow Tang – Jiao Yu Spring snow empty curtain oblique, small half into the wild people.Changtianyuan Shushan mountain white, do not distinguish plum and willow.Spring snow song – Wang Bai open age sunny also too frugally, six flower day dance eaves end.There is no difference, but also the plum blossom as snow.Second yun Bachelor of Literature from Spring Snow Song – Zhao Bian East Emperor wants to report good harvest letter, Trinidad with cloud six curtain shade.In view of poetry will hand, and the people with music to your heart.Jincheng wide warm no more product, Min Ling alpine rotation feel deep.The most is xiyuan flowers and trees, xiao to make yao Lin makeup point.Spring snow song – Shi Shu rain in many, spring dance pieces but cross.Mixed into heaven and earth are the same color, dot dyed garden flowers.Shore trace cloud coagulating fan to heron, house head smoke warm see hungry crow.After all, the east wind can melt ice – willow buds.Spring snow song – Kong Pingzhong just like the spring breeze last night, early morning and see snow floating clothes.Compose the forest like cherish plum blossom falls, flapping to contend for willow floccus.Cold but back into the law of warm, cloud xu covered sunny hui.Recently the four orders are no owner, I want to ask the East emperor.Spring snow song – Miao Jian stirred up the spring breeze as a phalanx fly, xiao to the remaining pieces are still difficult to wrap.Look at the mountains, should be like chaos.A turn Yang and back to soil guanidine, ten distinguish irritating poem spleen.Miscanthus toe broken Qiong Yao grottoes, plum blossoms always do not know.Spring snow and Hanfu push gold – MAO hui spring to thousands of doors gas self – praise, more teach flying snow to help love.Six street official willow branch catkins, overnight river plum tree tree flowers.Situation is the vertical chant more partners, straight beard drunk for career.Base the court casting toward the guest in the east wind, the shogunate has a good wind and a former family.Spring snow huaiyuan sister as Ming – Wang Shenzhong east wind snow cloud oblique, poor disease by spring bitter memory home.Xu not salt will willow catkin, still see such as jade reflecting bauhinia.Snow in spring – It’s cold and snowy on a sunny spring day.Love flying catkin false, but also when fall mei see.Toward the sun partial entangle door, the wind so diaphragm.With cloud curtain thousands of miles, Yin Sit recall Chang ‘an.Spring snow Ming – Zhu Chengyong into 臈 appropriate three white, spring breeze with credit.Diffuse empty deceit willow catkin, the tree lost pear flower.Instantaneously into flow flow, faint not shallow sand.Present should be like, personnel all flashy.Spring snow with Zhanran Zen master Ming – Zhan Ying dongfeng swim about close, snow closed deep.Xing or sometimes, spring should be nowhere to find.Willow hide early live eye, grass did not lose heart.Lonely south mountain, smoke out of the woods.Spring snow clear – Miao Gongen wind gathering spring clouds night not clear, residual suddenly feel cold light.Roll up the west window to see, Qiong Shu Yao order according to the eye bright.