A 19th-century Valentine’s Day “paper money” is up for auction

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Fake 19th century Valentine’s Day-themed banknotes issued by the Love Bank and the Love Bank Corporation are up for auction.They are part of a series of more than 30 banknotes that will go under the hammer at London-based Dix Noonan Webb on Feb. 24.The notes are not real money, but are generally modeled after the designs of real banknotes from the period.They are often made as funny gifts for lovers or friends, while others bear the stamp of political satire.The note from the Love Bank has no date but is believed to have been made between 1840 and 1850.The note promises to “give you a gift from your heart on February 14 with a fair and reasonable request,” accompanied by a vignette showing a man and a woman gazing affectionately at each other.And the valentine’s Day note from the Lovers Bank Corporation, dated February 14, 1877, signed “Cupid,” promises to “pay you on demand all the love of the suitor who sent it.”The notes will be sold as part of a sale of British, Irish and world banknotes by Dix Noonan Webb, which described them as “outstanding works of social history”.Andrew Pattison, head of notes at Auction house Dicks Noonan Webb, said: “These notes give us an insight into the worries, fears, livelihoods, humour and pastimes of the people who have lived and worked in the British Isles over the centuries.Court records from the 19th century are filled with attempts by unscrupulous or ignorant people to spend the money as real money.Many of the punishments were severe, including flogging and exile to the colonies.”Some of these notes are linked to grand stories we know about Kings, wars and politics — warnings of an impending French invasion or protests for better working and living conditions.””Others are much more prosaic, such as advertising the services of a small wine merchant or a Christmas pantomime.””Others are nothing more than a joke or funny gift for a friend or loved one, but all the more glamorous for that reason.”