Wang Wanzhi’s mansion is so small that it is difficult to turn around the kitchen

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As a Hong Kong actress, wang Wanzhi’s name is relatively unfamiliar to us.However, people who like watching Hong Kong dramas should have a very deep impression on her. She has her own acting style in many Hong Kong dramas, so she has left a deep impression on the audience.Besides, she is also a very good singer-songwriter and has written songs for Jacky Cheung and Jolin Tsai as well as acting.Even though we seldom take plays now, we can still see her figure and know some of her works. Such an excellent all-rounder player, how is her home decoration style?Although the external image does not conform to the present one of the king’s Wan aesthetic, but a good level of instead of appearance, appearance level but their pluses, decorate in the family, we can see that he is a self characteristic, self idea of a person, on the wall decorate a style, not adhering to the unified consistent style, but the patterns of the multielement rules, under the wall,Either one is an art shot.In real life, Wang Wanzhi is an eccentric person.In her home, will appear a lot of collection of art, rich girlish feeling.She will decorate a special window and a specific place to put her thoughts.In this area, the window selection is white glass plate, to show her little mind.It was a bit messy, but you could see that they were expensive objects, and she was interested in some of the curiosities.The kitchen is decorated relatively with respect to contracted, the aluminum alloy that can glance and wall general white tonal collocation are together, appear a little plain.The furniture is typical of other people’s homes, as photos she posted on social media show her to be a keen cook.Versatile at the same time, up the hall, down the kitchen.In the home of the king’s Wan, there will be some unexpected design furniture, such as her rider in the family of choice is a design feeling a faucet, cooking, often to the requirement of the kitchen decorate a style is not much, but in the kitchen utensils and tableware, it will have the choice of more and more consideration.Bathroom decorate a style to uphold plain is contracted wind, the walls of the white color to occupy the entire field of vision, choose the flower is aspersed style of ordinary, didn’t seem to be any distinguishing features, to choose the light is according to the light so that the collocation with the overall rendering, the harmony of visual effect to a certain extent, not too prominent characteristic, at the same time there is no place without coordination.Wang wanzhi’s focus is not on fancy accessories, although she does not like to clean up, but the overall decoration style is consistent with her public image.She also has her own swimming pool in a garden outside the house with her own favorite plants.The floor-to-ceiling window separates the space from the swimming pool, increasing the sense of security and viewing value.The design of such a place gives the presentation of the overall visual effect to the external design, which will not lead to imbalance and imbalance in the presentation of the overall visual effect.When choosing to decorate a style, the choice of furniture and match color is very important, in Wang Wanzhi’s home, there is almost no color and furniture that do not match, so that although her home is a little chaotic, but the whole looks warm, there is human pyrotechnics.I hope she can bring us more good works in the future life and make breakthroughs in music. God will never disappoint those who work hard and seriously.