The US is willing to lose money to export a lot of food to China, not just to change the trade deficit

2022-05-21 0 By

Since the founding of new China, the biggest problem is not a military and diplomatic, but the most basic food and clothing problem, although our country’s land area is large, the population base is very big also, and not all of the earth can be used to grow food, because technology limited, was combined with farmland area is far insufficient, the Chinese really after some bitter,But fortunately, with the development of science and technology and the progress of national strength, we soon got rid of the food problem, and we also changed from a country with a serious food shortage to a big food exporter.Now in the endogenous total output of grain a day in our country, has been able to fully meet the needs of people across the country for two days, but it is worth noting that even if we have become the food exporter, but it still have a year to other countries import all kinds of food, such as imports from the United States soybeans, although said the relevant departments, the import food,It is because we want to meet people’s requirements for food diversification as much as possible. But it is also worth thinking about why the United States, which has been targeting us diplomatically and economically everywhere, still sells us food at a loss.What is the small abacus behind this?As the world’s first big country, the United States is on the science and technology has been in a leading position, especially in the field of crop production, first of all, the United States is a sparsely populated country, an area less than we, only 3.4 billion population, and the United States can cultivate the land area is very much also, of course, the most important still is farming machine penetration in the United States, farmers in the United States,Can be said to be the hands several high-tech machine, a person can finish 10 acres of farmland of farm work, but on the other side, the United States and the rest of us, because of excess production capacity, also faced with a large number of accumulation of grain, so the U.S. can also choose to export crops around the world, the world’s most populous country,China, of course, is one of America’s biggest food trading partners.But beyond that, we also need to understand that there are reasons why the United States is so willing to export food to us, and there are reasons to improve the trade deficit.Originally after the second world war, with a large number of exports to other countries, America’s trade surplus has been growing fast, but in the past two years, due to the emergence of new crown outbreak in the United States economy began to decline, the medical spending also let have been running the state Treasury, and combined with resource production slow problem, along with all the there is no guarantee that self-sufficiency in the United States,They could only start importing a range of goods from other countries, which turned a trade surplus into a deficit, especially with the United States.Originally, the United States had a trade surplus with China, but now it has become a trade deficit. Biden cannot accept it. In order to change the current situation, the United States chose to export a large amount of grain to China, even if it is at a loss, it has to sell out, only in this way can the capital return, so as to save the American economy., of course, we also need to understand that the United States has secret love affairs may control the ambitions of food market in China, after all, food is the most important part of the war, the control of the food is to control the direction of the war, but we don’t worry about it, our grain stocks are fully enough, instead more to worry about yourself to the United States.