Small victories make great victories for individuals and nations

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Many people dream of becoming rich overnight, but they often lack the accumulation of strength, even the wealth will disappear in an instant;There are many countries that have tried to rise quickly and have had a great time in the region, but they have gone too far and ended up with a terrible fate.What is their problem?Is in violation of the law of nature, people are insufficient snake swallow elephant will inevitably lead to failure, to succeed must be natural step by step, small victories to win, all can adhere to and follow this law all successful, and against it is doomed.The decline of the United States in recent years is precisely due to the neglect of this point, because the financial industry to create wealth out of thin air movement, so that most Americans have not believed in Buffett’s “value investment” that set of theories, everyone wants to rely on technical means to rely on short-term operations or trigger economic crisis to achieve the dream of sudden wealth.As a result, the US economy is becoming more and more unstable, and the social friction brought by economic inequality is making the US “go against the sky”. It is a series of small failures that turn into major failures. To be more precise, “Rome was not built in a day”.Many smart people have noticed the problem and begin to reflect on, for example, in 2021 the United States ranked first amazon best-seller is introduced in the so-called “atomic habit law” success, its core concept is to build for victory and quantitative change causes qualitative change, in the first chapter of the book the author cites a story about the British cycling team:Britain is a great modern sports country, but it has never been able to make a breakthrough in cycling.Britain has won only one Olympic cycling gold medal since 1908 and has done even worse in cycling’s other great event, the Tour de France, where no British rider has won in 110 years.Because of such poor results, bike manufacturers in Europe have even refused to sell bikes to British Cycling, fearing that professionals will lower their ratings and hurt sales.The British, too, are a proud nation to tolerate such humiliation, so British Cycling hired Dave Brailsford as the new coach of British Cycling.The new coach is different from traditional coaches in that he takes a “marginal revenue convergence” strategy, not relying solely on training to improve performance, but by hastening every minute detail to improve performance.Brailsford, along with his team of instructors and science and technology consultants, began tinking with every detail. They redesigned the bike’s seat to make it more comfortable and suitable for longer rides.Rub alcohol on your tires so they get better grip;All of the athletes were asked to wear electrically heated short shorts and were fitted with sensors that measured the athletes’ muscle temperature, heating the shorts when it was not ideal.The team also conducted a number of wind tunnel tests to test the fabric of the suit to make it lighter and more aerodynamic.In addition to improving their equipment, Brailsford’s team also set out to improve the lives of their riders and maintain their physical fitness.Like testing different massage gels to see which one restores muscles the fastest;Hire a doctor to instruct each athlete on how to wash their hands and face to reduce their chances of catching a cold;Find ergonomists to design pillows and mattresses for each athlete’s body type;Paint all the inside of the bike truck white so dust can be quickly detected and removed to prevent dust from disturbing the rider or affecting the performance of the bike.Brailsford believes that when you break down the whole process of achieving a goal, and then increase all those small pieces by 1%, you can make significant progress when you put them all together.That may sound like a long haul, but the payoff could be faster and better than you think.Five years after Brailsford took over the team, British Cycling were the big winners in Beijing, winning 60% of gold MEDALS, and the home team set nine Olympic and seven world records in London 2012.Bradley Wiggins became the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France in the same year, followed by Chris Froome in 2013, who won the race in 2015, 2016 and 2017, giving a Briton five Tour de France victories in six years.In the decade between 2007 and 2017, British cyclists won 178 world titles and 66 Olympic or paralympic gold MEDALS, turning the Country into the dominant force in cycling.Brailsford’s case, a classic example of how small victories turn into big victories in the modern West, can be explained mathematically by achieving a small goal of 1% a day and achieving great success.Assuming you start at 1 and increase your value by 1% per day, over the course of a year your value will increase to 37.78, or 37.78 times your original value.If you lose 1% a day, after a year you’re down to 0.03, or 3% of your original level.Suppose these are two people with similar strength in all aspects, respectively according to the speed of 1% progress and decline, why they a year later their gap will be 37.78÷0.03=1259 times.May be on the value of wealth gap between the two sides would not be so different, but the two people’s mental outlook, body condition, life experience and professional skills add up the gap will close to this value, so you can understand why people some of the same age can be a leader or a billionaire, and some people life is still worry about living.Even if there is a difference, it can make a huge difference between two people, not to mention someone who was born a winner and has more money and works harder than you.It’s because of this that maintaining good habits, cutting out bad habits, and focusing on improving yourself by just one or one thousandth every day will make a huge difference in your life.For the governance of a country, the persistence of solving the small problems of the people and maintaining positive economic development, even if only a ten-thousandth of a percent progress per day, will make a qualitative difference in years.If a small problem is not solved, and it worsens at a rate of one tenth of a million per day, then a small disease will become incurable, and a bloody revolution will be necessary to solve it, and then people will be decimated, and the national strength will decline, and everyone will have a hard time.