One of the best flagships of the year!Why is foreign media Find X5 series circle powder, the reason is very simple

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The OPPO Find X5 series has become one of the most attractive options in the high-end market, thanks to upgrades in appearance, performance and image.Even, many foreign authoritative technology media have given the OPPO Find X5 series high praise.The launch of the OPPO Find X5 Pro has even overshadowed Samsung’s S22 Ultra, according to Android Central.In the high end of the Android market, Samsung’s S22 Ultra has had a high level of market recognition since its release, and the OPPO Find X5 Pro has been able to eclipse it, enough to show that the Find X5 series has a good enough product strength.In this regard, the world famous fashion magazine VOGUE believes that the OPPO Find X5 series not only has a modern simple exquisite appearance, but also has the most top-notch image experience.And so it is.In terms of design, OPPO Find X5 series uses an integrated nano-microcrystalline ceramic process, coupled with the iconic crater lens module, the overall appearance of the identification table is very high, while the texture is more in line with the image of a flagship phone.OPPO Find X5 Pro is IP68 dustproof and waterproof with excellent workmanship.In addition, Android Authority pointed out that OPPO has once again created a unique high-end flagship with excellent video technology.In fact, the OPPO Find X5 series has always been one of the industry’s leading imaging capabilities, but this time the OPPO Find X5 series brings three core breakthroughs: pure optics, moderate computing and Hasselblad color.For pure optics, OPPO Find X5 Pro brings custom high-permeability glass lenses and a 13-channel color sensor for better light scene control. For computing, OPPO Find X5 Pro adds its own ambient light prediction algorithm with a color sensor that improves ambient light color temperature accuracy by 40%.At the same time, Hasselblad’s strength in natural color modulation will further enhance the Find X5 Pro’s performance in image color.The OPPO Find X5 Pro also features a SONY IMX766 dual main camera sensor and a dual OIS five-axis image stabilization scheme for improved image stabilization.More importantly, the OPPO Find X5 Pro also comes with the mariana X, with support for 20bit Ultra HDR dynamic range capabilities, 20bit RAW domain processing, and RGBW Pro dual channel processing features, with up to 18TOPS computing power and 11.6TOPS/w energy efficiency ratio.The OPPO Find X5 Pro also implements enhanced functions of chip-level 4K night view video, chip-level HDR video, chip-level 4K extreme night video and chip-level App camera, making the overall image strength an industry benchmark.The OPPO Find X5 Pro is one of the best flagships in the world, and SlashGear, as a well-known technology media, also said frankly that the OPPO Find X5 Pro is one of the best flagships in the world.On the screen side, the OPPO Find X5 Pro uses an LTPO 2.0 screen, with a high brush of 1-120Hz for better usage fluency and low power consumption.At the same time, 2K resolution can also bring users exquisite picture quality experience.The OPPO Find X Pro is also available in Breguet 9000 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor versions with industry-leading performance output.To cope with the heat brought by high performance, the OPPO Find X5 series also comes with an accessory called “Ice skin cooling protection case”, which can be worn to significantly cool down.It can be said that OPPO Find X5 series does have obvious product advantages in the high-end market at this stage. The appearance design is iconic enough, and the texture brought by ceramics is also quite excellent.At the same time, high-performance hardware configuration, also let Find X5 series has an industry-leading smooth experience, the most notable is the OPPO Find X5 series of imaging system reconstruction, software and hardware collaboration to create computing imaging is the industry benchmark.Therefore, the Find X5 series is a good choice for users with a budget at the high end of the price range.