Li Xiaopeng 1 to 3 lost to Vietnam reflects the level of football business is shameful

2022-05-21 0 By

Chinese men’s national football team, in the first six matches of the round of 12 li Tie recorded 3 losses, 1 win and 2 draws.Li Tie in Australia after the press conference storm and micro blog with goods storm, encountered strong public opinion atmosphere dismissed.Li Tie was a real person in his first six games.He has a clear and serious view of the current strength and level of Chinese football players.Li Tie has made mistakes in the field has also had a harvest.Li tie learned how tough the round of 12 can be after the 3-0 loss to Australia.Against Japan to choose conservative tactics were overwhelmed by the Chinese football team 0-1 loss.A 3-2 close second win over Vietnam.3-2 who gave Saudi Arabia, Li Tie then led the national team on track.They drew 1-1 with Oman and 1-1 with Australia.Li Tie has a really clear understanding of the reality of Chinese football.Li Tie in the use of naturalized players on the way, Luo Guofu Alan physical fitness and status of the actual state of the field is in line with the rules of football.After Li Xiaopeng took office, he could please naturalized players.Alan and Lo have not trained systematically in Brazil for more than two months against Vietnam at the same time.Li Xiaopeng plays human wisdom well, football is a science can not play false.Li Tie led the team has made achievements, by public opinion lane class.Li Xiaopeng let is printing center Tan Long in the stands to watch the ball, let play center back Yu Dabao play center.Let two months without an official game Alan and Luo Guofu play.China does not have a skilled midfielder.The national football team let Li Tie just take the formal, let Li Xiaopeng lane like wild ball.Li Xiaopeng faced the CCTV football night camera and said to the naturalized player Alan that it would be good if you came and I felt low.Local players such as Chang Si-chul, Hao Min, Kim Kyung-do and Liu Binbin train hard, but it is not as good as naturalized player Alan who has not played systematically for two months.Wu lei has scored 4 goals in the top 12.With Luo Guofu to attend the press conference Li Xiaopeng holding very high.Li Xiaopeng in the football circle contacts, let Li Jinyu, Zhao Junzhe, Zheng Zhi, Chen Yang, Shao Jiayi, Sun Jihai, Sun Xiang and other former national players.Also participated in the training camp in Shanghai and played two matches against the red and white.Li Xiaopeng let 52 Chinese Super league players to accept the investigation, so many excellent players were eliminated.Li Xiaopeng finally let two months no game Luo Guofu and Alan play the first.Li Xiaopeng is successful in football circle with his worldly wisdom, but his correct understanding of football science is far from enough.It’s sad that such a man is the head coach of Chinese men’s football.Li Xiaopeng did not have a formal understanding of amateur football, he also became the head coach of shandong Taishan team and Wuhan Team of Chinese Super League.The level of Chinese football is really too low. Li Xiaopeng, such a super coach, does not have a correct understanding of the basic balance between offense and defense.Chinese football needs to be popularized and there needs to be more embodiment of correct values.Perhaps many fans have a correct understanding of football, and have an objective and true understanding and practice of football techniques and tactics.Chinese football will get better and better.