Donghu comment: “astrology” is not reliable, love to fight to win the future

2022-05-21 0 By

Recently, a “sudden fire, profit margin as high as 80%” news, has been widely concerned.Tarot divination, astrolabe divination, “good luck”……Online fortune-telling is more complicated and diverse, and young people have become mainstream customers.With the change of The Times, numerous and diverse astrological divination has taken the fast train of the Internet, transferred from offline to online, and appeared in various new forms such as “tarot cards”, “astrology” and “divination APP”.Horoscopes, fortune-seeking prophecies and fortune-changing activities are also becoming more and more integrated into young People’s Daily lives.Reading a few tarot cards on the Internet is not enough to predict the future, let alone get a reliable life guide.Part of the reason why young people to diviners believe in astrology, tarot CARDS, AI fortune-telling network, on the one hand, compressive ability is not enough, always feel pressure life, uncertainty about the future cannot control, need to find space for decompression, alleviate the anxiety, to find a comfort, divination and network has the function of psychological suggestionIt provides a kind of relief from real life for a certain period of time.On the other hand, some young people regard it as a “trend” and seem to lag behind if they don’t keep up, which is a manifestation of vanity externalization.However, there is a “survivor bias” in fortune-telling, which means that if people calculate on time, they will be greatly magnified, while if they do not calculate on time, they will be ignored or put off with excuses. Therefore, astrology and fortune-telling cannot be regarded as a “panacea” to transfer anxiety, let alone as a “panacea” to avoid risk responsibility.As a matter of fact, online divination is not fundamentally different from traditional fortune-telling, both of which have strong ambiguity and are not accurate calculation. In fact, they just use ambiguous, positive and positive words to describe certain aspects of fortune and personality in order to gain recognition from the audience.There is no scientific basis, and the feudal superstition is only separated by a wall, and sometimes even into illegal crimes.Divination can only become a kind of entertainment activities, can not become a young life, career life-saving straw.In the face of the excessive investment of some young people in online divination, we should adopt multiple measures and adopt multiple measures simultaneously.Young people should establish a positive life concept, correctly face setbacks, overcome difficulties, self-reliance and self-improvement, in confusion to find the right direction.All parties of society should pay attention to the psychological counseling of young people and provide professional psychological services so that young people can reduce and transfer their own pressure and find their own position in the accelerated transformation of the society.It is necessary to strengthen supervision over major networks, live streaming platforms and related software developers, raise the threshold of access, promptly handle problems when they are found, and unblock channels for complaints and reports, so as to advocate civilized and healthy life concepts and value orientation.In addition, it is necessary to raise the cost of illegal activities, and severely crack down on the illegal and criminal behavior through online divination, and severely punish the behavior of cheating and accumulating wealth through superstitious activities.Whether offline or online, we need to keep our eyes peeled, improve our scientific literacy and not become fortune tellers.To distinguish between right and wrong, rational treatment of all forms of astrological fortune-telling, do not pay “intelligence tax”.To believe that you can truly determine your own destiny, after all, or yourself.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: