【 Thunder fire 2022】 Want to get rich, window?Police: turn over let you regret at the beginning!

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Happiness is. It’s just some people prefer to money quickly by stealing others’ property to “money” fast but Mr Justice has long arms end soup cans be imagined in its crescent village in front of the village runs a premises, in order to prevent theft store, Mr Tang who will take home care into the back of the cigarette, have never thought to prevent to prevent,It was still stolen.At 22:00 on February 17th, Mr. Tang closed the shop and went home. When he got home, he found his house turned upside down and thought: bad!Sure enough, stored in the home of more than 30 cigarettes were stolen, these cigarettes worth more than 30,000 yuan ah!Mr. Tang immediately called the police for help.After receiving the police, Wujia police station “fast anti-team” quickly rushed to the scene to carry out investigation.Through the analysis of the scene investigation, the suspect committed the crime by one person, agile and bold, while the snow night to climb the gas pipeline to the third floor, the window into the victim’s home, stealing cigarettes.Quick players quickly request the superior department of technical support, the city bureau swat team, branch refers to the diligent and integration of the great help of the operations center, through a large number of video detection, and to the locking suspects Yang (male, 35 years old, climb burglary record personnel), and immediately to the suspect escape routes for video tracking and locking the out-flown and fence.At 21 o ‘clock on the 18th, the suspect Yang was arrested successfully.After understanding, Yang mou from more than 10 years old began to follow others in the theft industry when “apprentice”, for more than 10 years by the public security organs around the theft to deal with several times, in October 2021 just released because of theft.After return to society, he didn’t turn over a new leaf, no fixed abode and no economic sources, just wanted to earn a quick buck he returned to the “roots”, February 17, 19 PM, Yang went to the wu family taking a taxi or its crescent village, with the method of gas pipeline is climbing turn window into the victim’s Mr Soup home, stealing more than 30 cigarettes,The next day, he sold the stolen cigarettes to a liquor store and made a profit of more than 10,000 yuan.At present, already recovered all stolen cigarette, Yang mou already was detained criminally according to law.Anti-theft attention 1, go out, visit the door or go out temporarily, even if the time out is very short, also should pay attention to lock the doors and Windows, prevent the heart of burglary;2, do not store a large amount of cash and valuables at home;3. Regularly clean up small advertisements at the door, and do not show any traces when you are not at home for a long time;4, neighborhood watch, pay more attention to each other, so that thieves have no opportunity;5. Take good care of all kinds of anti-theft facilities in the community, and close the doors of public units behind you;6. When encountering personnel claiming to be gas and power supply, be vigilant and do not open the door at will.7, with people sharing, must confirm the identity of the other party, do not randomly hand over the key to others, so as not to cause financial losses;8, once the theft, the first time to report to the police, but also to protect the scene.Police remind to manage their own property do not give the suspect an opportunity to reap a minute no pains no gains only by relying on labor and pay to get their own wealth ill-gotten gains cut not advisable otherwise hand will be caught!Source: Wujia Public Security Bureau