They escort, warm Spring Festival home!

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Reporter from Nanning RADIO and TELEVISION Station: Liao Zhenzhong Correspondent: Fang Guiwen and Zhang Songmin returning home for the Spring Festival is a complex that cannot be erased from the hearts of every Chinese and an interpretation of meeting and reunion.Spring Festival transport in everyone’s mind, has its own appearance.For traffic police, it’s the busiest time of the year.In order to ensure the safety of the people to travel, the district traffic police corps highway management detachment of the 13th team police, auxiliary police always stick to the front line, protect the safety of returning people to travel.During the Spring Festival, the battalion leader has been sticking to his post, leading the police, auxiliary police in-depth road traffic safety propaganda and security work.”Driver master, please show your certificate, register once.”On the morning of January 30th, Liu Yuande was patrolling the toll station in Hengzhou city.”We will conduct registration and inspection of foreign vehicles in order to strengthen quarantine work in our districts.”He said that every year, a large number of migrant workers from Guangdong and other places to return home for the Spring Festival, especially from Shenzhen, Guangdong and other risk areas of the vehicle, personnel, in cooperation with relevant departments to carry out strict inspection.Liu Yuande said: “Although it is New Year’s Eve, but because of the zero hour free passage, many vehicles choose to get off the expressway after zero hour, the number of vehicles increased significantly.We insist on strict inspection of passing vehicles, do as much as possible to ensure safety.”A bus slowly pulled to the side of the road, in this duty deputy captain Sun Shiji, police He Yibiao picked up traffic safety leaflets, quickly get on the car distribution, read.Wang Zhiping vice captain in the high-speed toll station near the brigade law enforcement checkpoint organization to carry out publicity activities, to remind passengers: safety is the most recent way home, Spring Festival travel home, Spring Festival home, so that safety accompanied, so that happiness.Police officers and auxiliary police officers led by Zhong Ye-guang used a police car to communicate through a propaganda device when they were on patrol.Some drivers in order to catch time to go home, speeding or random change of lane driving and other uncivilized and illegal behaviors occur from time to time, patrol police are timely through propaganda to correct uncivilized traffic and illegal behavior, remind drivers to keep a safe distance, strictly abide by traffic laws and regulations.Policeman in service area, the deputy district chief Zhang Songmin and focusing on “two guest a dangerous goods”, six more than passenger car, “camp turned the bus, bus, sleeper bus 57 seats or more key vehicle condition, strict inspection on brand related certificate, drunken driving drunk driving, the overload one illegal behaviors, such as ask the driver driving the overcrowding, speeding,Urge drivers and passengers to fasten seat belts.During the Spring Festival, the brigade also joined forces with “police road enterprises” to take wrong time patrol, reverse patrol, key patrol, strengthen road control, in the case of sudden traffic accidents jointly launched emergency plan, timely road clearance, ensure smooth traffic.On February 2, at 1:00 PM on the second day of the Chinese New Year, a small bus was unable to drive because of a tire leak, and the driver parked the car in the emergency lane, but there was no jack on the car, unable to replace the spare tire…On the same day, police qin Zhongliang and auxiliary police Nongheng found the car parked in the emergency lane and stopped to learn the situation.They see the anxious helpless look, after understanding the situation, the police is ready for safety protection, from the police car jack, in the temperature as low as 5 degrees Celsius, to help the broken car quickly replace the spare tire.The party is very grateful to see this scene, repeatedly thanked, and took out a bag of rice cake to the police to eat, said it was a slight gesture, was politely declined by the police.Coincidentally, at around 3 p.m., another car was punctured by iron nails and was unable to run when it reached 468KM.Police officer Zhong Ye-guang and auxiliary police Officer Zhang Yu were also eager to change tires for the driver who was forced to stop on the emergency road because he did not know how to change tires.After the tire is changed, Mr. Li said excitedly: “The high-speed traffic police abandoned the small home for everyone, hard work, salute to you.”The example of serving the people, in just a few days, a total of 5 times, the brigade on duty police can stick to the front line, with sincere heart, efforts to solve problems for the masses, to ensure the safety of the masses to travel.This group of ordinary “traffic police green”, in the Spring Festival, the heart of the masses, with practical action to interpret a high-speed traffic police on oath, responsibility, responsibility to the people, become the most beautiful in the winter, the warmest color!Beautiful women in Hanfu swim in Nanning Xinximen ecological oxygen are drunk beautiful Shanglin Hot spots They escort with their hearts, warm Spring Festival home!Watch out for this winter killer!Nanning two poisoning incidents occurred in one day plum blossom, cherry blossom are open!Nanning people’s flower appreciation season has arrived on the 4th day of the lunar New Year!Nanning city in 2022 to implement the new construction land plan indicators to achieve a “good start” Nanning Daming Mountain a large area of rime landscape before travel need to make an appointment to buy tickets to protect nanning metro festival operation,I on-the-job friends web page | contact us | advertising services ICP for 2021003183 © 2000-2022 nanning guangxi radio and television all copyright statement: reprint this 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