Shangcai County People’s Hospital held the ceremony of retirement and inauguration

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Li Tao shangcai of Central China Financial Media reported that in order to encourage retired comrades to “leave their posts without centrifuge”, they continued to shine for the hospital construction and comprehensively boosted the entrepreneurial passion of newly appointed comrades.On the afternoon of January 27th, shangcai County People’s Hospital held a grand ceremony of retirement and inauguration in the big conference room on the 9th floor of the outpatient building.County health and health committee director Li Liuqun, hospital leadership members, retired retired old leaders, old comrades and new comrades and the whole hospital middle-level cadres attended the ceremony.In her speech, Wei Meirong, secretary of the Party Committee of the Hospital, on behalf of the Party Committee of the hospital, extended a warm welcome to all the leaders who took the time out of their busy schedule to attend the ceremony, expressed sincere thanks to all the retired veterans and congratulations to all the newly appointed comrades.Secretary Wei pointed out that this year is the breakthrough year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the first year for the establishment of the new team of the hospital, and the next period of time is also the key stage for the hospital to achieve high-quality leap-forward development.It is hoped that retired comrades should “leave their posts without centrifugation” and be good “demonstrators”.Hope that the new office comrades to take “baton”, as a good “answer”;It is hoped that both old and new comrades will shoulder the “burden” and ensure that “inheritance is not lacking”.President Li Guoxuan read out the names of the retired and retired personnel, and presented certificates of honor to the retired personnel.A certificate, pay tribute to Fanghua, wish the old comrades can continue to play an exemplary role, take the initiative to care for the development of the hospital, support the hospital and department work, together with the new comrades, to build a better hospital.Subsequently, li Fuchun, representative of outgoing leadership, Yang Yi, representative of outgoing middle-level leadership, and Liu Picturesque, representative of newly appointed staff made speeches respectively on behalf of outgoing comrades and new comrades.In their speeches, the senior comrades affectionately reviewed their work history and growth over the years, shared their feelings on fulfilling their duties and serving the people, expressed their deep feelings towards the hospital, and thanked the hospital for its care and cultivation.They said that they would continue to support the development of the hospital after retirement and continue to contribute to the cause of health.The new comrade expressed that he would take today as a new starting point, take a new attitude and a new look, and enter the new role as soon as possible, and repay the great trust and expectation of the college leaders and colleagues with good performance. At the same time, he expressed his opinion on the future work from four aspects of “diligent, pragmatic, united and honest”.In the oath link, medical director Chang Shejiao, nursing department director Zhou Huanqin respectively led the newly inaugurated department director and deputy head nurses to review the professional oath, a sonorous and powerful oath, a voice from the heart of the words, echoed in the venue, infected every comrade present.County WeiJian Li Liuqun, director of the sports commission in his speech, pointed out that the old comrades is “people” of the party and the people, who is health system for many years to accumulate wealth, health in the future hope, continue to play the old comrades working staff, and the roles of ties, “mentoring” effect, play a good heat, “don’t leave centrifugal”, being a good “role-models”,To promote the development of Shangcai, the construction of a better home continue to shine and contribute.Director Li also put forward specific requirements and earnest expectations for the new office comrades, requiring everyone to pay attention to learning to improve, strengthen the sense of responsibility, do a good job of unity and cooperation;I hope you have the courage to take responsibility, work hard, forge ahead, with one heart, with extraordinary efforts to do extraordinary achievements, for shangcai County health cause to make due contributions.