Lingnan first talented woman: no more than 50 cents, a cheongsam for 20 years, donated 2 million before dying

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Hunan Yuelu Academy has been hung on the gate of such a very atmospheric couplet “Only chu has talent, in the sheng”.Since then, the talents bred by Huxiang culture have led the development of The Times in culture, ideology and politics.Especially in modern times, it has created the reputation of “Hunan talents half the country”, “Zhongxing general minister, Shi Jiu Huxiang”, “no xiang no army”, “half of China’s modern history was written by Xiang people” and so on.Among them, Zeng Guofan, Tan Sitong and MAO Zedong are the leaders of The Times influenced by Hunan culture.In modern China, Huxiang culture is leading the trend of times change, but it is not unique.Lingnan culture, which is not far away from it, is also showing its infinite charm.Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao from here to become the man of The Times, Sun Yat-sen let here become the source of China’s democratic revolution.Men are the leading role of The Times, the leading role of culture, the leading role of education, and women comparable to men are very rare.Lingnan has such a woman, not surprising appearance, low-key, simple life but with their erudite knowledge let men admire.Liang Qichao is known as lingnan’s first female erudite, the first female poet, a rare female scholar, lingnan’s female peerless talent for thousands of years.She was born into a noble family, but she was extremely thrifty. She never paid more than 50 cents for dinner and could wear a cheongsam for more than 20 years.Colleagues laugh at her “mean”, but she does not care, when students are financially strapped, she generously help.She has a pure, clean, pure and pure name – Xian Yuqing.In 1895, the Beiyang Naval forces, which had been working hard for more than a decade, were destroyed by the Japanese navy, which had always looked down upon them.There was panic in the Forbidden City.At this time far in Macao but immersed in the joy of the family, a daughter was added to the home.The parents named the child Xian Yuqing.Xian’s family, originally from Qiaoshan, Guangdong province, had moved to Macao for five generations.Therefore, In Xian yuqing’s mind, Macao has become her hometown.Because the family is rich, the parents are open-minded and pay attention to their children’s education.Xian yuqing was sent to guan-gen Shuju, a school run by Chen Zi-bao, a disciple of Kang Youwei, in the late Qing Dynasty.Twelve or thirteen years old is the age when children set their aspirations and ideals in their hearts.It was here and now that Xian Yuqing’s ambition was established.As a result, Chen Zi-bao, the teacher, often taught qi Festival of the Later Han dynasty and Neo-Confucianism of the Song and Yuan Dynasties.Gradually, Xian Yuqing quietly established in his mind the concept of carrying forward and spreading.When Xian Yuqing was 16 or 17 years old, his ambition to educate had already taken root in his heart.She issued a shocking words from the heart: career for her husband, to school for family, to students for children;Aspire to lifelong education, sacrifice personal happiness, happiness for the crowd.It’s hard to believe a 16-year-old girl could say such an inspiring thing.At the time, apart from Chen Zi-bao, the teacher, who had no doubt about xian yuqing’s ambition, others thought it was just a fit of youthful passion.Her teacher Chen Zi-bao encouraged her by saying, “There are many smart students, but few diligent ones, and the diligent ones are often dull and dull.You should have both. You should work for the society and not be preoccupied with words.After hearing this, Xian yuqing firmed up his educational ambition.When Chen Zi-bao was 19 years old, Xian yu-qing was admitted to Hong Kong Saint’s School, where he majored in English for two years.At the age of 23, he studied in the middle school affiliated to Lingnan University and went on to college.At that time, Xian yuqing was studying in the university while working as a literature and history teacher in the affiliated middle school.Despite his good family circumstances, Xian chose to work while studying.In 1925, Xian yuqing was employed as a teaching assistant of the Chinese language department and promoted to lecturer in 1928.But according to lingnan university’s system at the time, there was another “instructor” level between teaching assistants and lecturers, which Xian skipped.Xian yuqing’s mind is really amazing. With only two years of English foundation, he was able to teach “24 History” in English at university.Xian Yuqing of Lingnan University was praised as “the first female poet in Lingnan for hundreds of years”.She once said that “poetry is the most beautiful thing in the world, emotion is the most subtle and light thing in the world.”When Zheng Xiaoxu saw her poetry collection, love its juanxiu gas, total criticism of its poetry collection “ancient poetry Juan pen”.Chen’s father, Chen Sanli, who is known as “the last traditional Chinese poet”, praised Chen’s poetry for its natural sincerity.Literary madman Liu Yazi was more appreciative of Xian Yuqing’s talent, praised its “only high xu xu zanhua, famous rub fat drop powder group.Treasure the new history of women’s rights yan, book city art Sea together on xun.”In the lingnan cultural circle, Xian Yuqing can occupy a place by virtue of her poetry, but her talent is not limited to poetry. She is extremely proficient in painting, literary and historical textual research, stone and stone textual research, stone and stone appreciation, and collection.Everyone knew xian Yuqing was a knowledgeable and talented girl. They also knew that she was born in a wealthy family, but I don’t know why she was so stingy or even stingy.When she went to college, she worked part time and used almost no family money.Her colleague asked her to treat her to dinner, and a meal would not cost more than 50 cents.Only peanuts for a few cents were chosen as gifts.Not only to others, but also to himself, Xian is tough on the economy.She wore a cotton cheongsam for more than 20 years.When it came to food, clothing, shelter, and daily necessities, she fought for her horns and calculated carefully.Amazingly, she dressed modestly and ate simply, but was also generous.His student Xian Xinghai wants to study abroad in France, but he is distressed because of economic constraints.When Xian Yuqing knew, he gave 500 yuan to Xian Xinghai in one lump sum.Xian xinghai never forgot his teacher.At that time, 500 yuan was an eye-watering sum.Xian Yuqing has never wavered in his ambition, which he set up at the age of 16.She was once courted by a famous professor. She wrote a poem about the matter, in which two lines were “The bait has thrown the fish away and laughed at her busy lifting the rod all day long”.Later, she explained again, “I think a family, the children of the family chores, always distracted.If you want to be a good teacher of the people wholeheartedly, it is hard to avoid losing the duty of good mother and wife;If you want to be a good wife and mother, you can’t be a teacher. You can’t have both. So when I was sixteen or seventeen, I decided to remain single.”Xian Yuqing is 50 years old. Xian yuqing’s knowledge and style mean that few people can sympathized with her.Chen Yinke and Chen Yuan are two of them.When Chen Yinke’s father Chen Sanli read Xian yuqing’s Poems of Bilangguan, he not only spoke highly of them, but also inscribed a tablet for Xian yuqing’s study.Xian regards the plaque as his lifetime treasure.Wherever he moved, he would hang the plaque in the middle of his house.Chen sanli’s high evaluation of Xian yuqing also made Chen Yinke look at xian yuqing with new eyes.Xian Yuqing once created the method of “record history by poetry”, and Chen Yinke further proposed “prove history by poetry”.There is something in common between the two.When Chen yinque read xian Yuqing’s A Hundred Songs of Displacement carefully, he commented, “The masterpiece is not only beautiful in words, but also the best historical materials, which will be valuable for those who want to compile it in the future.”In Chen yinke’s eyes, Xian yuqing’s works are not only of literary value, but also of contribution to historiography.When Chen yinque’s friends were in trouble and needed help, Xian yuqing was generous.In 1942, When Japan invaded Hong Kong, Chen was teaching at the University of Hong Kong. The school was closed and food was scarce, leaving his family destitute.At the same time, Xian Yuqing, also trapped in Hong Kong, had Chen Yinke sent a “military note” worth hk $40 to save him.Although Chen Yinke was ultimately useless, he kept his kindness in mind.Xian yuqing was not only regarded as Chen Yinque’s confidant, but also had a deep friendship with Chen Yuan.Chen Yinke, “the second Chen historian”, had a good relationship with Chen Yuan.The two men shared knowledge and character.However, after liberation, Chen yuan was invited to be the director of the Second Institute of History at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Chen chose not to move north, but to continue teaching at Lingnan University.Since then, “erchen of historiography” has become “Erchen of north and South”.The north and south are separated, and the two of them have little contact.As a good friend of the two, Xian often conveyed information about each other’s situation.She doesn’t want political differences between her friends to interfere with their personal friendship.Chen Yuan Xian Yuqing doesn’t have many friends, but she always treats them sincerely.In the eyes of the students, she is “Xian Zi” (Xian Yuqing is known as “Xian Zi” at Lingnan University, and “Zi” means “Sir”) who is kind, warm, easygoing and friendly.Liang Yusheng, the founder of the new school of wuxia novels, was both xian yuqing’s student and her friend.As for xian Xinghai, xian Yuqing not only funded him 500 yuan to study abroad, but also paid attention to him when he entered the middle school attached to Lingnan University.Xian Yuqing, pictured at the NTU Museum in early spring 1922. Xian also taught Chinese and history at lingnan University High School.Two months into the semester, she found a student in her class who was always “not listening, not looking.”This made Xian pay special attention to the student.One day, Xian asked his students to fill out a song like a Dream.A week later, she saw a word in one of the papers entitled “The Swallow boy.”It reads: “Where does spring go?”Hook refers to willow silent residual rain.The past that can, as in gossamer catkin.Speechless!No words!The swallows both went away.Xian yuqing saw the name xian Xinghai on the paper and read the poem, which made her both excited and moved.She recommended the poem to be published in the nan University Trend of Thought, the university’s magazine.It also became xian xinghai’s first work of old poetry.In 1952, lingnan University was merged into Sun Yat-sen University in a wave of mergers among universities across the country.Sin yuk-ching became professor of Chinese literature at CUHK.Two years later, in 1954, Sun Yat-sen University asked Xian to retire.The reason was that she was accused of returning to Hong Kong frequently to deliver information and was asked to write a confession.She complained to her friend Chen Yinque about her grievance, saying, “People are cold and thin.”The truth, however, was that his father had left Mr Sin a fortune, which included regular monthly interest payments at a Hong Kong bank.At the time, Xian’s explanation was doomed to be invalid and he rushed into retirement within a month.Xian Yuqing died of illness in October 1965 at the age of 70.During his medical treatment, Xian donated nearly HK $500,000 in cash and HK $1.5 million in stock to the government through letters and wills, solemnly stating that “this matter should only be known by insiders and should not be publicized or rewarded”.Today, the name Xian Yuqing is little known to outsiders. Many people do not know much about the female professor who was once known as a talented woman, except for the few members of the academic community who still have some memories of her.