Zhang Liangxi tianxiu team new skin, yunyao when the praying officer xuan, yao sister hit face CAI Wenji

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With the king of Glory New Year activity into the end, the official immediately carried out the February skin activity connection, for many players, although the purchase of skin affordability is limited, but in the face of the new skin, players are still happy to see.At present in February has decided the skin arrangement plan, there will be three skin exposure shelves, respectively is the new epic skin tianxiu team and Yao mei and Yunzhongjun valentine’s Day limit, from the voice of the current players, valentine’s Day limit is undoubtedly the focus of attention.First of all, the long silence of the day show team new skin, since Yang Jian’s day show team skin shelves, the series of skin has been a long period of time did not update, so many players this is also xinxinnianxian.Worth determining is that the series of skin a total of six, in addition to Yang Jian skin completed shelves, there are also Li Bai, Gao Jianli, Yu Ji, Zhuang Zhou and Zhang Liang five skin static waiting online, this month shelves the biggest possibility should be Zhang Liang’s coach skin, this skin will also be epic quality.Skin highlights this month, of course, should remain above the players look forward to all the qualified valentine’s day, before the two skin and belong to a series of lovers, is now to determine the wish of name too, will be done in this month 14 zero formal clothing stores, the players on the skin modeling speculation constantly, the official did not look like before,He also made an official announcement for a new skin.Both basic and tonal give priority to with green powder combined with skin, skin image yao sister is direct and natural style be in harmony are an organic whole, your skin and the cloud image is different, can be seen in the official mission of CG, “embodiment of birds for all green, so that the skin is given priority to with green color, and the officer of the official mission update, the indeed confirmed these forecast content,Especially yao sister with dace and yunzhong jun led the lens, meng appearance is poking the hearts of the fans, for female players, yao sister skin should have been ready to pocket.And about two skin CG story background, tears can be said to be in a lot of players, yao sister want to get in the spring magic about four-leaf clovers, hard through the practice of “stop, but yao sister directly burst through the clouds, successfully got the magic about four-leaf clovers, and at the time of the shield is broken, the cloud jun for yao sister fight off the spring magic a fatal blow,Of course, after the recovery ability of yao sister, soon to cloud jun plus hold the shield, two people together to find the memory of the past.In short, the process is very sad, and the end is quite happy.However, after the official announcement of the skin image, many players have played the meme, the first two skin green tone, let players really fun, after all, green in the hearts of many netizens have a different meaning.The other is the image of the two skin, especially yao mei’s new skin is directly into the face of CAI Wenji, the two heroes in the CG end of the reunion moment, like the original LAN and CAI Wenji official CG.Of course, although players played the meme, they still liked these two skins.From the personal point of view, the three pre-mount skin in February, there is still a good impression in the hearts of players, combined with Yang Jian tianxiu team skin, the next Zhang Liang coach epic skin, quality should not be poor.As for yao jun qualified valentine’s day, and the cloud is just the latest officer xuan CG video, has attracted the attention of many female players, yao sister, after all, the hero has been high heat, while the cloud as a necessary wild Wang Yingxiong yao sister, believe the effect after the stores also can’t bad, only with the official station special effects,Combined with the skin image shown in CG, the special effects should be quite good.For Zhang Liang’s day show team skin and Yao sister and yunzhong Jun’s Valentine’s Day limit, what is your opinion?Let us know in the comments section below.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to yu Xiaoyu