Super news: Yatai draw Meizhou, Chengdu victory kung Fu, Huang Xiyang set up a personal charity fund

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First news, about the warm-up!In the April 1 warm-up match, Changchun Yatai 1-1 tie meizhou Hakka!As early as late March, changchun Yatai and Meizhou Hakka, who were training in Haikou, Hainan province, had a warm-up match. At that time, thanks to li Guangwen and Zhang Li’s goal, Changchun Yatai drew 2-2 with The Chinese Super League and was promoted to Meizhou Hakka!On April 1, Changchun Yatai again about the war against Meizhou Hakka, this is yatai in the season before the start of the fifth warm-up game, Changchun Yatai still sent 2 sets of lineup, finally with cheng Great Wall’s goal, the two sides into 1-1, once again shake hands and make peace!The second news is about the warm-up!CSL promotion team Chengdu Chengdu has had two warm-up matches in Guangzhou this week.Among them, Chengdu Chengdu and a promotion horse Shijiazhuang Kung Fu (the former Hebei Kung fu, has been renamed) of the warm-up game, Chengdu Chengdu Chengdu crazy home 5 balls, only lost 1 ball, finally won the 5-1 victory!Chengdu Chengdu and another promotion of guangxi Pingguo Liao warm-up match, is the final battle into 1-1 draw!Last season, Chengdu Chengdu finally got the fourth place in the Chinese Super league, entered the promotion play-off, with the second from the bottom of the Chinese Super League Dalian people after two rounds of games, with a total score of 2-1, to advance to the Chinese Super League!According to media reports, Chengdu Chengdu is this season’s Chinese Super League digit is not much without unpaid team, so it can be foreseen that their new season relegation should be no problem!The third piece of news, about Huang Xiyang!According to the official report of the Chinese Super League team Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic, Huang Xiyang, a chongqing player, has set up a personal charity fund to help disadvantaged children in sports and aesthetic education.The chongqing Team revealed that on March 31, “Huang Xiyang charity Fund” was officially established in chongqing Charity Federation.The reason why Huang Xiyang set up his personal charity fund is to help disadvantaged children in communities and rural areas with sports and aesthetic education, provide sports and aesthetic education teaching tools, textbooks, facilities and other related items and materials, and support the development of related public welfare and charity activities such as training.It is worth mentioning that at the signing ceremony, Huang Xiyang donated 30,000 yuan to Chongqing Charity Federation as the initial capital of the fund, and said that the current scale of the fund is set at 100,000 yuan, and the donation is planned to be completed within three years.In addition, Huang Xiyang will also advocate more caring enterprises and public institutions, people from all walks of life to pay attention to the community, rural children in distress.I have to say that Huang Xiyang is really a positive player. Under the circumstance that the public opinion environment of Chinese football continues to go down, there is a player like Huang Xiyang who is keen on public welfare, which is worth learning from by other players!Do you agree with this?The fourth news, about Du Zhaocai!At the 10th EAST Asian Football Confederation congress held in Doha, Qatar, Du was elected as the sole candidate for the presidency from 2022 to 2026, xinhua reported.According to the media, due to the impact of the epidemic, Du attended the meeting via online form in Beijing. Apart from Du being elected president of the East Asian Football Association, the meeting also voted to elect Kozo Tajima, president of the Japan Football Association, Fok Kai-shan, vice president of the Hong Kong Football Association of China, and Jeon Han-jin, secretary general of the Korea Football Association, as vice president of the East Asian Football Association.So what is the East Asian Football Confederation?It is understood that the East Asian Football Confederation (EAFC) is a regional international football organization established in 2002. It is one of the five regional members of the AfC.The main competitions of the EAST Asian Football Confederation (EFAC) are the E-1 Championship (formerly the East Asian Cup and the East Asian Semi-Finals), which is held every two years and includes both men’s and women’s football competitions. It is the highest level of official international football competition in East Asia.Obviously, du zhaocai’s election as president of the East Asian Football Association is helpful for Chinese football!We believe that under the leadership of Du zhaocai, East Asian football will surely usher in a period of rapid development, and Chinese football will also reach a higher level.What do you think about that?