Shangganling battle of American life and death judge: a person to destroy the enemy soldiers 280 people, repelled the enemy 41 times

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After the “Changjin Lake” explosion, the sequel “Changjin Lake Watergate Bridge” once again exploded, the volunteer army’s fierce spirit to kill the enemy again touched people’s hearts, with more than 2.5 billion box office, ranked the first place in 2022 Spring Festival box office.As is known to all, the materials of the two jangjin Lake war films are derived from the war to resist the United States and aid Korea.In fact, there are many more stories about the war against the United States and aid Korea, and they are particularly exciting and inspiring.And this article will tell a person, is also the story of the period of resistance to the United States aid Korea.He is the judge of life and death in the eyes of the United States army, the elimination of more than 280 enemy soldiers, shangganling battle only alive back to the republic hero “Hu Xiudao”.But you would never have guessed that the “God of War” was a new recruit.Hu Xiudao was born in Jintang County, Sichuan province in September 1931.When he was a child, he was often bullied by his local family for lack of food and clothing.At the age of 15, the United States was building an airfield near his hometown, and Hu was taken to work as a laborer.Because of his young age, he worked slowly and was often beaten by the supervisor, who also witnessed the killing of laborers.These painful memories were seared into his mind.When the new China was founded, he joined the villagers’ armed team to fight against landlords and bullies, and his life began to change.But then the Korean War broke out.Without consulting his family, Hu xiudao signed up for the volunteer army without hesitation, determined to contribute to the country.When Hu xiudao’s mother heard this, she was very surprised, but she did not stop her son, because she knew what her son had decided and she could not persuade him.Before she left, her mother was very reluctant to give up. She shed tears and told her, “When you arrive in North Korea, pay attention to your safety and write to me more. Then, you should make contributions by killing the enemy and don’t lose face to your mother.”Hu Xiudao nodded, said goodbye to his mother, came to the Korean battlefield.When he first arrived in North Korea, Hu Xiudao often heard the stories of the soldiers at the front of the cultural teachers. He was fascinated by them and always wondered in his mind what heroes would look like.Once, a miao hero named Liu Xingwen came to the place where Hu Xiudao was stationed to report his work. Hu xiudao was very excited and waited on the hillside early.Hu Xiudao thought: the hero who defeated the enemy 11 times on Piuda Peak must be a beefy, god-like figure.But what he didn’t expect was that Liu xingwen was almost as old as himself and looked childish.What he did not expect was that he would surpass the hero.After seeing the hero, Hu Xiudao’s troops were arranged to shanggan Mountain defense.”Shanggan Mountain” three words, for those who understand the war of resistance to the United States and aid Korea, too familiar, this place sacrificed and shaped many heroic characters.Hu Xiudao is one of the most classic representatives.On November 5, in order to capture shanggan Mountain as soon as possible, the enemy launched its fiercest attack.Thousands of soldiers supported by more than 100 aircraft, more than 300 artillery pieces and more than 30 tanks launched multiple attacks on 597.9 Heights.Our side built 12 positions on 597.9 high, of which positions 9, 3, and 10 were the most advanced and the most heavily attacked.Hu Xiudao with monitor Li Feng, teng Soil raw recruits together responsible for holding the no. 3 position.In other words, one veteran and two new recruits stand their ground.In the brutal battlefield, the growth rate of recruits is calculated by the number of battles, the most commonly used teaching is a look, two dozen, three belt way, a look, is the veteran dozen, recruits see;Second dozen, is the new recruit dozen, veteran guidance;Three belts, that is, veterans directly with recruits.But even the God of War, on the battlefield for the first time to “actually fight”, was nervous.When the enemy, assisted by gunfire, rushed towards the position for the first time, Hu Xiudao was in a panic. He shouted to the squad leader: “The enemy is coming!”Li Feng combat experience as if, calmly say: “not urgent, wait for my password!”After the enemy had climbed to a certain position, the squad leader gave the order to throw bombs.After hearing this, Hu Xiudao buried his head and threw all the explosives, grenades and grenades he could catch in the direction of the enemy. Suddenly, the sound of the explosion drowned everything.Just as he was throwing vigorously, he was suddenly grabbed by the wrist. He was startled. “So soon AM I a prisoner?”Who knows, the hand holding him is the monitor Li Feng.Suppressing a smile, the squad leader said to Hu Xiudao: “The enemy has beaten back long ago. I called you, but you didn’t listen!Look, now the enemy is lying in front of us.”Looking down, Hu xiudao saw the enemy lying on the hillside.He grinned and showed his white teeth. He had won a big battle.The squad leader told Hu, “Next time, don’t be afraid. You can’t shoot well lying down. It’s a waste of ammunition.”Many years later, Hu xiudao regretted that he had wasted a lot of ammunition, because the supply of troops was very difficult at that time, and ammunition was often more valuable than life.Relying on more ammunition, hu Xiudao was confused and won the battle. After a short pause, the enemy launched a second attack under the cover of fire.This time, the squad leader adopted the tactic of “making dumplings”.First they concentrated their fire on both sides of the enemy, forcing them to move to the middle and huddle together, and then together they hurled bombs at the enemy.Under the leadership of the monitor, the enemy was driven back again.Experience two battles, in the smoke of gunpowder in the air, Hu Xiudao and Teng Tu sheng from “recruits” into “veteran”.When the enemy charged for the third time, Hu xiudao no longer had the timidity of a recruit.When the enemy was close, he and the squad leader launched an attack, one head, one tail, Teng Tosheng is responsible for the supply of ammunition.The enemy was blown about and fell back again.With the help of terrain advantages, coupled with fearless spirit, Hu Xiudao they after 3 hours of fierce fighting, a total of more than 10 enemy attacks.However, the flames of war do not give them time to breathe, at this time, 9 positions appear difficult, monitor received instructions, to 9 support.The monitor went, leaving only a few hours of combat experience hu Xiudao and Teng Tu sheng two soldiers to stand their ground.The enemy’s heavy artillery constantly bombarded the position, the explosion of soil, stones hit hu Xiudao in their face, body, but they have no time to take care of, dead staring at the enemy in front of the position.Hu Xiudao and Teng Tu Sheng with grenades and guns, and beat back the enemy more than 10 attacks.At such a difficult time, they had to take care of position 10 next door.If position 10 were lost, our commanding position would be reversed, and several nearby heights would also be lost.While the enemy rushed to attack position 10, while concentrating on the artillery attack Hu Xiudao two people, do not let them in the past to defend position 10.On the ridge next to position no. 10 was position No. 0. Hu Xiudao looked at it and his eyes stopped for a moment.There is the hero Huang Jiguang a few days ago plugging the hole of the place, Hu Xiudao thought of the hero things, an instant blood and anger in my heart.Hu Xiudao two people braving the enemy’s fire blockade, while the enemy shooting gap, quickly jump to the commanding heights.Just to position 10, the enemy has climbed to only 10 meters away from them, Hu Xiudao and Teng Tu Sheng raised a submachine gun, desperately stranding, just beat the enemy back.At this time, Teng Soil has also been seriously injured, was sent down the position.No. 10 position only hu Xiudao one person, again and again alone to block dozens of, hundreds of enemy trying to seize the position.Thus, in the midst of a hail of bullets, Hu Xiudao defended two positions by himself.When the enemy charged, Hu Xiudao tried his best to throw grenades down. His right hand was swollen and he continued with his left hand until the enemy retreated.Hu Xiudao ran back and forth between the two positions, constantly throwing grenades and grenades, beating back the enemy’s repeated attacks.For two days and nights he alone held two positions against hundreds of enemy troops, as well as aircraft, tanks and artillery.In his later years, recalling the scene of that day, he said, “I was so hurt that I didn’t drink or eat anything.”As he ran out of ammunition, Hu xiudao thought: When the enemy comes up, I will die with them.Soon, the enemy organized another attack, Hu Xiudao raised his gun, desperately shot, Shouting: “for comrades in arms revenge, win glory for the motherland!”Heard this roar, the surrounding position of his comrades also followed up to shout, the position immediately sounded the sound of the earth.In the end, ammunition was hu Xiudao finished, he took the last bomb, ready to die with the enemy.Support troops arrived just in time to repel the enemy at the critical moment.After the battle of Shangganling for two days and two nights, hu Xiudao killed more than 280 enemies and repelled 41 enemy attacks on that day, creating the strongest record of single-day annihilation of the enemy in the volunteer army, known as the “lone hero”.One person wiped out more than 280 enemy soldiers, a figure that shocked everyone.This achievement made Hu xiudao known as “the most powerful individual in combat ability” and was awarded the Gold Star medal of “Hero of the Republic”.In the war against the United States and aid Korea, only 12 people won this honor.In addition to commander Peng Dehuai, 11 of them are all frontline soldiers and grass-roots commanders.Among the 11 “war gods”, four of them participated in the Shanggan Mountains. They were Qiu Shaoyuan, Huang Jiguang, Hu Xiudao and Sun Zhanyuan.Of the four, hu Xiudao was the only one who came back alive.In addition, Hu xiudao also won special merit and was awarded the title of first-class combat hero.After the victory, Hu xiudao served in the PLA as military commander and deputy chief of staff until March 2002, when he died of illness in Nanjing.During the War, the Us army introduced China to the steel industry.On our side, we showed them iron will.Both sides were shocked by it.Finally, China “crushed” the STEEL industry of the US military with iron will.I still remember us commander General Douglas MacArthur saying, “The Chinese volunteers dare not cross the Yalu River.”But after fighting the U.S. and aiding Korea, he said, “Anyone who dares to fight with the Chinese has something wrong with his head.”But the Chinese army can make the enemy terrified, it is like Hu Xiudao in his 20s, or even in his teens, warm-blooded men, courage into a sword, with blood and flesh to build a solid barrier, let the enemy understand what is the real iron will.Resources: china-yangshou: “Venus hero” the web: the Hu Xiudao | the lone hero of the battle of as eastern war zone: the fierce! In as well, he a body count 283…”China military network: “one person killed more than 280 enemy! He was the” lone hero “in the Battle of Shangganling” -END- author: Xiao Haiyang editor: green grass