Registration has begun in Hefei

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A total of 38 points were set up in Hefei urban area since February 18 to officially open the illegal electric three and four wheelers centralized record registration work early in the morning on the 18th, the reporter came to the record registration point at the intersection of Yaohai District Station Road and Shengli Road for on-site visits.Several electric tricycles have been parked in front of the registration point.To register, not only for the city “do beauty” sanitation workers, but also after being stopped for publicity and popular science owners, during the period, there are a lot of people take the initiative to ask whether to register, how to register their vehicles.Verify identity, check vehicles, input information, issue registration marks, print “YBA” characters…The whole process is done in one go.The traffic police on duty at the scene said that if the documents are ready and the information is clear, it will not take long to put on record and register.”It’s easy to register.””It’s a good thing, it feels more orderly on the road.””It’s for everyone’s safety, and as a driver, you have to respond positively.”…At the scene of the registration of the owners, the record registration work have expressed understanding and praise, and said to reporters, will take the initiative to the people around the publicity.Scene, hefei traffic police yao hai group six squadron political instructor Yin today also through our lens issued the call: three, carriage safety violations, electric performance is poor, the road risk is big, but also frequent traffic accidents, the city now 38 were set free for the record registration, welcome the owners of this kind of vehicle response, nearby.In order to further strengthen the management of illegal electric tricycles in Hefei, according to the requirements of The Notice on Strengthening the Management of Illegal Electric tricycles in Hefei, from February 18 to March 31, 2022, Hefei will carry out centralized registration of illegal electric tricycles and four-wheel tricycles in the whole city.Owners can bring their identification and use electric three – or four-wheel vehicles to the registration point to apply for the record.Q: Why should the regulation be carried out against illegal electric tricycles?What are the dangers?A: This kind of vehicles are produced without the permission of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and are not listed in the Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products. Their performance does not meet the safety and technical standards of motor vehicles, and there are risks and hidden dangers when driving on the road.In recent years, 213 fatal accidents involving illegal electric tricycles and four-wheelers have occurred in Hefei, resulting in 218 deaths and 1,383 injuries, which not only affects traffic order, but also seriously damages the safety of people’s lives and property. It is urgent to strengthen management.Hefei traffic police for the picture asked: how to query, understand their own electric tricycle, four-wheeler compliance?Answer: The public can inquire the “Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Production Enterprises and Products” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology by themselves. Those within the announcement scope are legal motor vehicles, and need to put on the motor vehicle plate.Do not belong to the scope of the announcement, it is non-standard vehicles (illegal vehicles).Q: Why didn’t you need a driver’s license to drive such vehicles before?Will there be corresponding requirements after that?Answer: illegal electric three – and four-wheeled vehicles belong to non-standard vehicles (illegal vehicles), do not belong to motor vehicles, so do not need to have motor vehicle driving qualifications.For “about strengthening the management of the illegal electric tricycle carriage notice” before the release of the purchase of electric tricycle, carriage, set up the transition to April 30, 2024, in the transition period, driving electric tricycle, do not need qualifications for motor vehicle driving carriage, follow-up, such as buying the compliance of motor vehicles, then you need to have the corresponding qualification of driving.Q: Cargo electric tricycles and four-wheelers shall not be used for carrying people, and the cargo size shall not exceed the body, so are there relevant requirements for non-cargo vehicles?Answer: Non-cargo vehicles usually have their own nuclear load and weight, but from the safety point of view, its performance does not meet the motor vehicle safety technical standards, there are still risks and hidden dangers on the road.Therefore, the general public is not enough to buy, take less or do not take.Q: Can members of the public report violations if they find them?Answer: if the general public discovers illegal electric tricycle, four tricycle did not have the record to register in time, can report to the traffic management department of public security organ, the department will supervise and urge its to register on time.If you still have other questions, such as registration, rules, etc., please call 12123 for consultation.Copyright to the original author, if any infringement, please contact