Judge and prosecutor come to untie

2022-05-19 0 By

Report from our newspaper (correspondent Liang Gaofeng) recently, Shanxi Ying County procuratorate through the support of prosecution, to help 12 migrant workers successfully recover more than 70 thousand yuan of wages.In October 2021, contractor Xing undertook the construction of 30 vegetable greenhouses, and recruited 12 migrant workers such as Chen for construction.The two parties did not sign a labor contract, only oral agreement corresponding labor remuneration.After completion, Xing is unable to pay labor remuneration due to difficulties in capital turnover, Chen and others repeatedly urged in vain.In February this year, Chen and other 12 migrant workers to the Yingxian County procuratorate in the human resources and social security bureau of labor security and cooperation with the studio to reflect the situation, seeking help.After understanding the situation, the procurators believed that the migrant workers reported clear facts about the problem and said they would provide help. At the same time, in order to prevent the escalation of the conflict, the procurators promptly conducted psychological counseling for the migrant workers.Subsequently, Chen and other 12 migrant workers formally to yingxian Procuratorate application to support the prosecution, the court after review, issued to the court to support the indictment.After the court accepted the case, the case handling staff of Yingxian County Procuratorate communicated with the judge who undertook the case. Both sides agreed that the amount involved in the case was not large. If Xing actively cooperated, the case could be settled through mediation.To this end, the prosecution law case investigators went to Xing together in the home to understand the details of unpaid wages and reasons, and the case of mediation.Later, prosecutors and Xing repeatedly interview and telephone communication, the interpretation of the law to reason, to help it seek ways of capital turnover.Finally, Xing mou volunteered to cooperate with the judicial organs, as soon as possible to raise funds to pay migrant workers.Soon, Xing raised the relevant funds, the initiative will default migrant workers more than 70 thousand yuan of wages paid to the Yingxian County procuratorate.A few days ago, the procuratorial law handling staff together for Chen and other people paid wages, 12 migrant workers withdrew the prosecution.Source: Procuratorial Daily