Huhu sheng V Six fu 0 door Kai Chen Spring shopping season

2022-05-19 0 By

Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen end of the year to promote huge hui impulse all models flash sale!Buy Kai Chen, to Nanyang Weijia Kai Chen store – Henan Weijia Kai Chen headquarters store, to give you not only professional, but wei Jia the whole province enjoy service!Buy kai Chen car not to the head store is your loss, Nanyang Weijia Kai Chen store is your wise choice to buy kai Chen car: buy a car to enjoy six luxury gifts: : with text messages to the store to see the car test drive free intelligent body fat said one!: Car booking can enjoy the United States LCD TV, washing machine, rice cookers and many other awards: super low interest, speed, let you loan worry free: old customers recommend friends to buy Kai Chen, send baoer 500 fuel card: to high 8000 yuan replacement subsidy: Kai Chen owners purchase can enjoy 3000 yuan purchase subsidy.Dongfeng Nissan Qichen big V price range of 998-128,800 yuan.Car purchase powertrain lifetime warranty +10 years free network traffic basic package +VIP gold card!D60 down payment 27800, package cards open home installment two years 0 interest!Kai Chen Star down payment 29800, the package open home!356 days after-sales customer manager service, 24 hours free rescue, maintenance scooter service, lifelong free car wash!