Each person screws the lid 1,400 times a day!They are the “heroes behind the scenes” fighting the virus up close and personal

2022-05-19 0 By

The new round of COVID-19 has affected many places, and nucleic acid testing has once again become one of the “sharp tools” for epidemic prevention and control.What we see are registration, sampling and testing results.If not, there are more than a dozen links, such as specimen reception, information input, nucleic acid extraction, gene amplification, result interpretation, post-detection cleaning and garbage disposal. Some manual links need to be repeated thousands of times a day by inspectors.Each nucleic acid test report is not only related to the health of the tested personnel, but also embodies the hardships of the testing personnel.In the laboratory of Changsha Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Changsha No.8 Hospital), we saw that nucleic acid testing needs to be completed manually by “adding samples”. Inspectors unscrew the spiral caps of samples one by one in the biosafety cabinet, add the samples to the hole of nucleic acid extraction plate after manual absorbing, and then tighten the spiral caps to put the samples back to the original place.At the end of the day, each person “adds” nearly 700 samples, which means twisting the lid almost 1,400 times with one hand.Through this set of pictures, we can feel the nucleic acid testing personnel’s “daily fight against the epidemic”.Sample receiving (respondents for photo) sample number (respondents for figure) samples and sample (respondents for figure) on nucleic acid (respondents for figure) nucleic acid transfer (respondents for figure) nucleic acid reaction liquid transfer check (respondents for chart) nucleic acid reaction liquid (respondents for figure) PCR (polymerase chain reaction) amplification (respondents for figure) nucleic acid in the reaction liquid detection (respondentsPhoto provided) Manual review of nucleic acid test results (photo provided by respondents)