Cge has launched a series of courses to promote the development of health managers

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Nowadays, the pace of people’s life is getting faster and faster, and the work pressure is also very big. Many young people are working in the 996 way, which is unbearable for their health.Now there will be a lot of young people in the hospital to see a doctor, the reason is irregular work and rest, work pressure, stay up late and other reasons.With illness becoming younger and younger, people are paying more and more attention to health problems, and the industry of health management is booming. In this regard, CGE has also launched a series of courses to supply highly skilled personnel to the society.Health managers are professionals responsible for health and disease monitoring, analysis and evaluation, as well as health maintenance and health promotion. They are also one of the 11 new occupations officially released by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in October 2005.A lot of people don’t know what a health manager is.Health managers cover health examination, health insurance, traditional Chinese medicine health care, health care for the elderly, sports fitness, beauty and health, maternal and child services, health food, nutrition and health care and other industries, with broad prospects for development.According to the policy of “Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Modern Vocational Education”, THE Vocational Education Department was set up immediately to carry out the planning and curriculum research of vocational education.Aimed at the present situation of hot industry health management division, public education attaches great importance to the course of health management division, for health management and health risk assessment and risk management, health insurance and health management, health management service and marketing, health education and health promotion, and basic principles of bioethics, health management related legal system, etc., fully improve the students’ theoretical knowledge,And hired famous teachers in the health management industry to lead students to practice together.Since its establishment, CCED has been constantly promoting the development of education, constantly improving the teaching standards, taking RESEARCH and development as its core competitiveness, providing scientific and effective teaching services to students, and putting the needs of students first.