High quality content leads, Big Man plans to “look forward to the next 7 minutes”

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In 2021, the video platform will enter a new stage of comprehensive video development.The short and long video platforms have made different in-depth attempts to build relevant products, and some platforms have also made corresponding adjustments in the organizational structure.However, on the future development path of user demand integration, we should see that there are still “walls” between short and long video platforms.Since last year, the short drama and micro comprehensive become the focus of both sides, just become a combination of the advantages of the length, with a series of explosive money out of the circle, the initial formation of the market foundation.In this regard, Mangol TV’s Big Mango plan can provide some reference for the industry.Since last year, for example, the short drama “Attack on the Queen” has achieved user coverage of 100 million, and the micro-comprehensive “Definition 2021” has become a key template for long video platforms to develop short content, providing ideas for long video platforms to make good use of long video platform resources and break the “wall” of long video platforms to develop comprehensive video.At the beginning of the New Year, with the launch of Damang APP and the launch of new rules for short drama account sharing, Damang plan is showing new power posture and industry thinking, more development space is in sight, and it will become a representative player in the field of comprehensive video in 2022.In 2021, big Man plan studio’s label “Big man short drama” a total of nearly 100 micro drama online, including some popular.For example, according to the public data, Attack on Queen refreshed the member record of short dramas on the platform and became the second mango series TV series in the same period.Outside the station, the drama has been ranked top five on kuaishou hot list for three times, maoyan data has been ranked first on the Internet, and the number of topics read on Weibo has exceeded 500 million, and its influence has reached the top of the entire Internet.Just three months after the finale, Attack On Queen 2 was released;In addition, the recent short dramas, such as “Strange Stories of The Sky”, “Another Day of Hard Work”, “Don’t Mess with Pigeons”, “If This is the case”, “How to Use Lies” and “The Golden Cheapskate Family”, have achieved good popularity and reputation respectively, forming the overall influence of medium and short videos.According to data from Yunhe Sixiang Analysis System (EVA), the effective play of new short dramas on Mango TV increased by 1105% year-on-year last year, ranking the first in the industry, much higher than other industry platforms (the highest is 335%).Mango TV also leads the industry in terms of the popularity of short dramas with a total of 34%.By virtue of production capacity and content quality, Dameng Plan has achieved the differentiation advantage of the industry leader.Such a speed of development and the rate of work out of the circle, become the overall competitiveness of mango series in the industry.From the field of skits, the content strategy and advantages of Da Mang plan can be summarized as three points.The first is to rely on the production advantages of Mangol TV, maintain the strong supply capacity of daily updates, and create content differentiation advantages with high quality.In this respect, mango TV’s production capacity and market experience of many years’ deep cultivation of series have played a considerable role. Zhan Yali, producer of micro drama of Mango TV Damang Studio, said to Shendongwenyu:”As the content of the long video platform, Mango for content quality control consciousness is engraved into the DNA, from the beginning, our positioning is boutique short drama route, proofing video boutique mode, maintain high-quality boutique content output.”Secondly, the brand construction and overall impression output of short plays are enhanced by serialization and theater operation.At present, da Mang plans to build a “meal theater” has gradually cultivated the audience watching habits, it is revealed that this year will also try the “theme month” new broadcast mode, each month to launch a theme containing 3-4 short plays of the same type.The third is to further in-depth coverage of diversified boutique vertical content, get through the market.In addition to the mainstream sweet pet type of short dramas, there are also some popular dramas, such as “The Strange Stories of Qin Tian”, which focuses on ancient costume fantasy suspense, “Don’t Mess with Pigeons”, which is a popular type innovation of urban female emotion + suspense, and the campus comedy “Bombing the Sky Regiment”, which is a modern military theme.In addition, to sketch, such as the summer insects can language ice to teams, tells the story of ice and snow sports, “skins” and “my powers no sense” have a science background, and “this can point to open” “yellowbird chronicle” and so on one batch of suspense, with topics of popular theme is hits the market demand, continue to sensitive to capture user preferences.These strategies and advantages are also reflected in microsynthesis.According to statistics, within 24 hours of its launch last year, “define 2021” achieved 92,000 discussions on weibo and 570 million views on the topic of “lee seung-hyun being a stay-at-home dad depressed for more than a year”. The program landed on the top search list for six times and ranked TOP5 for four times.At present, In the field of micro-integration, Dayang Plan has formed multiple scheduling bands with parallel content volume and influence, such as the “brain-burning program band” composed of “Script Killing Conference” and “YES OR NO”, as well as several vertical content divisions such as “one person holding up a program band” and “Human fireworks program band”.As Yang Jianwei, producer of Light variety show of Damang Studio said, “Just like variety show is mango’s DNA, it enforces bold creative attitude and open and free creative space, stimulating the exploration of various types of content all the time, and the love of content creation is always the source power to pursue high-quality works.”From this observation, the content strategy and characteristics of Damang Plan can be summarized into four key words: high quality, diversification, branding and strong quantity, so as to continuously boost the user centripetal force of Damang Plan and become a new traffic growth point of the platform with strong service ability and content supply.Under the great man plan, Mango TV in the field of short and medium video ran to the leading position of each platform.Linkage head production force, content strategy platform fermentation in the previously released “2021 Mang annual broadcast” can be seen, the short drama, micro summary of the creation side has appeared jia Hang film, film, daqian Film and other long-term force drama summary content of the industry’s head content companies.Take the short drama as an example, in the episodes that have been broadcast, “Da Mang short drama” and Dasheng Media cooperation in the head of the account project “love from the contract” account revenue doubled over the same period last year;”Mr. Ji’s Pet”, co-produced with Hangzhou Fun Reading Technology, was online for 20 days and its sub-accounts broke one million;”I Became the Mean Girl” with Ares pictures was the top grossing film in q3.The Big Man project is making more and more producers see tangible benefits, and thus further attracting lightweight content production from professional organizations.In addition to creators, the content ecology of Damang Project has also been strongly supported by the platform IP advantage, and formed the overall content concept output of long and short videos.Over the years, relying on the content gene and production advantages of Hunan Radio and Television, Mango TV has formed a huge IP copyright library and a high degree of user recognition.Micro ensemble, for example, last year’s definitions 2021 “is a popular variety of derivative heald way brother,” star detective “derivative program” kill the script “YES OR NO” and so on, in order to ace IP can assign all creation, form a unified length video style is tonal, implementation platform not only make full use of the resources with long “,Also further become “short belt long” reverse power.Zhan Yali introduced that at present, the combination development of long and short content is one of the content direction of Damang, which mainly includes three points. First, the development of light variety derived from variety IP;Second, long short plays set shooting cooperation. Damang cooperates with the long play department to develop short plays suitable for communication and broaden the communication dimension and IP value of long video content, such as “Linglong” and “Party A Who Lives Next Door”.The third is the development of skits of variety IP, such as the skits of “Big Detective” and “Goodbye Lover”.On this basis, Damang further open support measures to create advanced channels for creators.At present, “Big Mang short drama” has opened multiple cooperation channels of self-production, customization and accounting sharing, among which the vertical screen short drama is mainly accounting sharing, while the horizontal screen short drama with the logo of “Big Mang short drama” is mainly self-made content.Big mans plan launched a new fashionable this year, the new piece project quality guaranteed the fashionable and not into joint investment project platform collecting mode of cooperation, the fashionable change as its core users (members) to watch the long dimension of the fashionable, but also increased the reward and investment into more fair for platform and partner,Further promote the market “content is king” concept, the formation of daaomang content self-growth ability.More mature content strategy is providing new development drive for Da Mang plan.According to the 48th Statistical Report on The Development of Internet in China released by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in August last year, the number of short video users in China reached 888 million by June 2021, an increase of 14.4 million compared with December 2020, accounting for 87.8 percent of the total Internet users.Short video is becoming the key traffic pool that occupies the time of user fragmentation, which becomes the key background for the major long video platforms to develop integrated video.The interpretation of Dameng plan in this context is the strategic layout of Mango TV to expand the content boundary again and explore the future of the industry based on the convergence media trend of the new media era.By means of short plays and micro-syntheses, The Big Man Project is providing the value of breaking walls for the industry.This reflects the platform’s development concept of deeply combining its own advantages, fully realizing the sustainable development strategy of optimal allocation of resources, and aiming at creating innovative content, vertical content and high-quality content.As reflected in the content strategy of Damang Plan, it not only achieves better reach efficiency based on user insight, but also transplants the commercialized advantages and genes of the platform.According to QuestMobile, The TGI index of Damang’s planned audience in first-tier cities and new first-tier cities was 158 and 126 respectively, far ahead of all video platforms.This shows the outstanding advantages of Dameng Plan in terms of user quality, which not only has higher consumption willingness and ability, but also makes online activity and interaction easier to achieve content popularity and dissemination.This opens up more possibilities for The commercialization of Dameng plan, and on this basis realizes the marketing advantage of one-stop brand service.Through the open big exposure engine of all points, the precise reach of big data of highly connected users and experienced interactive strategy play, based on the content of the platform to break the circle, to provide brands with high flow and high efficiency of quality choice.In line with the development of the industry in the future, Dameng plans to explore more commercial space such as single point payment and e-commerce cooperation.2022 will be a pivotal year for The Big Man project.With the launch of Damang APP, a new video ecosystem is being generated.With the Slogan “Look forward to the next 7 minutes”, Damang APP focuses on 7-10 minutes of quality series content, so it is the first lightweight APP in China to force short and medium videos.The APP hopes to provide users with a “light eating” experience. Sun Wei, commercial director of The APP, said, “It’s like eating a salad. It’s very easy to eat, but the nutrition and calories you bring can actually meet your body’s needs.”With high-quality short plays and light variety shows as the main product attraction, Damang APP hopes to gather a group of high-quality users with content preference and adhesion.Therefore, Dameng plans to further build the brand and provide solutions for mango TV to build industry matrix and optimize its development path.”There is definitely a public appetite for quality content, and we want to be honest with our users with quality content.”Sun Wei said.Damang plans to release APP at this juncture, not only because of the overall environment in which the industry enters into the high-speed period of power generation, but also because Damang plan itself has perfected various links such as content, users, platform services and commercialization, making full preparations for the new stage of development.For the future of integrated video, Dameng project is creating a template of possibilities.