Guizhou Branch of POSTAL Savings Bank successfully landed the first overseas usd senior unsecured green bond investment business under 5-year certificate of reserve in China

2022-05-18 0 By

Source:People’s Daily online – guizhou channel On March 3, the original draft, the post office in the first successful landing in guizhou branch of the national bank system under five-year standby credit $overseas senior unsecured bonds investment business, green investment amount is $20 million, the investment period for 5 years, coupon rate of 4.55%, marking the bank in exploring new breakthrough green finance, to promote the sustainable development.The bond successfully invested by PSBC Guizhou Branch was issued by Zhongwei New Materials Co., LTD through its overseas subsidiary zhongwei Hong Kong New Energy Technology Co., LTD.The issuance of this bond is the client’s first successful issuance of 5-year usd 100 million overseas senior unsecured fixed interest bond in the international capital market, which also becomes the first green bond issued by a private enterprise in Guizhou Province in the overseas debt capital market.In this process, Guizhou Branch of PSBC took the initiative to understand the demand of Zhongwei New Materials Co., Ltd. to issue US dollar bonds, and actively communicated with customers with The Tongren Branch of PSBC. After business declaration, approval and pricing, the investment succeeded, further deepening the financial business cooperation with the company.”The successful participation of PSBC Guizhou Branch helps enterprises to open up a new channel of low-cost overseas medium and long-term bond financing, so as to enhance enterprises’ ability in green development, improve corporate governance structure and other aspects, and obtain financial subsidies for overseas green bonds from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to reduce the cost of issuing bonds.”Postal Savings Bank of Guizhou branch transaction banking department said.Next, post office bank of guizhou branch will further enhance the comprehensive financial service ability, and to “one enterprise with one policy” as business development, to provide customers more professional settlement and cash management, trade finance, cross-border financial, local and foreign bond investment, financial and other financial business enterprise network, and through online and offline, combining domestic and foreign, domestic and overseas,To fully meet the comprehensive financial service needs of all kinds of customers in their daily production and operation activities, and accelerate the transformation to “characteristic, comprehensive, lightweight, digital and intensive”.(Guizhou Branch of Postal Savings Bank)